AAE Glass is Evolving

AAE Glass is evolving. As we evolve and embrace new technology, we will be launching a new and more user-friendly product website based on your suggestions! We will also be introducing a brand new style of community, online education platform featuring live interaction with Tanya Veit. We are very excited to introduce this type of learning to the glass industry. As we near launching these new ventures, there are some things that will be changing because the new platforms don't support them. 

First, we will not be selling guest artist videos after February 20th, 2023. PLEASE NOTE: Any video purchased in the past and until February 20th will be available for you to watch whenever you like. You will not be "losing" any videos, they will just be hosted on a new platform that we will set up for you. We just won't be selling new guest artist videos after February 20th. We sincerely appreciate all of the guest artists who have worked with AAE Glass over the years and we wish them nothing but success moving forward. If there is a video or instructor you want to make sure you have in your library, please do so before February 20th. 

Second, the new platforms don't support the current Education Coins, so they will need to be used by February 8th. After February 8th, all coins become null and void. You can use the coins you have to reduce the price of a paid video. Tanya filmed a quick, step-by-step video showing how to apply your coins for discount at the bottom of this email. 

Third, the new learning platform will have two options. First, it will act as your new dashboard for all of the videos you have purchased over the years at no cost. Again, we will set this up for you and you won't miss a beat as far as having access to your video library. Second, there is going to be a separate, monthly subscription option to join Tanya and everything she has been working on for $29 a month. This includes things like live monthly Q & A with Tanya, new video content, a private community for asking questions and sharing pictures, custom firing schedules and color palettes, special member discounts & offers and so much more. We are very excited to introduce this type of learning to the glass industry.

Again, you will be able to watch any videos purchased on the website now until we make the transition to the new education platform.  Once we migrate your existing dashboard to the new learning platform, you will be able to continue watching any videos you have purchased indefinitely. This will be a very easy transition.  Date to be announced.

We have made improvements in the past and with a few small changes, they have been more than worth it. This will be more of the same. We want to give everyone a month to decide which guest artists they would like to add to their library before we stop selling new videos. Again, you will still have access to all past and future purchases as normal. Thank you and we appreciate your support. 













































By Mark Veit 21 Jan, 2323

AAE Glass Education Coins Expiring February 8, 2023

AAE Glass Education coins are expiring February 8th. Watch Step by step instructions from Tanya below.


All AAE Glass Education Coins expire at 11:59 pm, Wednesday February 8th, 2023. At this time, they will not be able to be earned or spent. The last day to use your education coins to purchase a video class is February 8th.

Thank you for your continued support of AAE Glass and Tanya Veit over the years, we appreciate you. We are currently making several improvements to our business and it's almost time to launch them. However, first we need to do some housekeeping before we can move forward. 

With that said, ALL AAE Glass Education Coins will expire in 30 days on Wednesday, February 8th at 11:59 pm est. The new educational platform we are moving to offers numerous new benefits that are going to allow much more interaction with Tanya. However, this new platform does not support AAE Glass Education Coins and we will not be able to convert them over. We want to give you enough notice to use the coins you have by February 8th if you wish. On Thursday, February 9th, ALL AAE Glass Education Coins will become null and void. They won't be able to be earned or spent on videos after February 8th and they have no cash value.

There are dozens of amazing videos to choose from. Scroll down to see them all. 
Please note, as we transition to our new platform, you won't have to do anything. We will be converting your account for you and all of the videos you purchase now or purchased in the past will be available for you to watch as normal. 

Please note, AAE Glass Education Coins can be used to purchase or reduce the price of paid online videos in the AAE Glass Education Center only. They are not eligible to discount product or equipment.   

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we step up our game for you. 

All the Best, 
AAE Glass Family


TANYA VEIT Online Video Tutorials


    Cosmic Reactions in Glass          Scenic Landscape: My Legacy     Creating Depth & Drama Part 1      Creating Depth & Drama Part 2

              15000 Coins                                   39000 Coins                                    15000 Coins                                   15000 Coins



     The Art of the Pocket Vase          Fabricating with Powders          Cosmic Flow & Reactive Bowls                   Glass Cascade

               15000 Coins                                 25000 Coins                                  19000 Coins                                     199000 Coins



     Fritrini Fused Glass Jewelry               Textiles in Glass                           Simple Seascapes                        Coral Reef Tile & Bowl

                  7500 Coins                                 7800 Coins                                     7800 Coins                                        2000 Coins


BOB LEATHERBARROW Online Video Tutorials


           Focus on Design                             Impression Wafers                    The Art of the Crackle              Display Stands & Wall Mounts

               25000 Coins                                     25000 Coins                                19000 Coins                                     15000 Coins


Nancy Weisser Online Video Tutorials


               Flow Factor                      Dream Garden l: Floral Garden       Dream Garden ll: Sea Garden                 Pattern Bar 101

              29800 Coins                                      25000 Coins                                  25000 Coins                                   19000 Coins


GLENDA KRONKE Online Video Tutorials


         Nature's Wonders l                         Nature's Wonders ll                           Surfin Safari

                25000 Coins                                   19000 Coins                                 17000 Coins


NATHAN SANDBERG Online Video Tutorials


         Planting the Seed                Vitrigraph Murrine A Foundation                 The Next Level

              31800 Coins                                    25000 Coins                                     19000 Coins


   Slumping & Dropout Vessels            Drop Out Construction         The Fundamentals of Coldworking

              19000 Coins                                   15000 Coins                                    15000 Coins


ALICIA LOMNE Online Video Tutorials


       Exploring Pate de Verre                   Further Explorations                            Leaf Casting

                  25000 Coins                                  25000 Coins                                   15000 Coins


KATE MACLEOD Online Video Tutorials


      Kate Rocks! Cast Glass          Dichro-Cakes Concentric Circle Jewelry

            25000 Coins                                           15000 Coins


LOIS MANNO Online Video Tutorials


              Making a Mask                             Realistic Feathers

                 19000 Coins                                  19000 Coins


PETER MCGRAIN Online Video Tutorials


Creating Amazing Compositions   The Foundations of Cutting Glass

                    in Glass

                19000 Coins                                   11000 Coins


GAIL STOUFFER Online Video Tutorials


         The Glass Canvas            PMC Sterling Silver Jackets Glass Jewelry

              21000 Coins                                      19600 Coins


ALICE BENVIE GEBHART Online Video Tutorial

       Building a Landscape

              25000 Coins








































By Mark Veit 09 Jan, 2323

Introducing Susan Roston

Susan Roston Shimmerling





My interest in fused glass began when I took a week long class at Snow Farm in Williamsburg, Massachusetts 14 years ago.   I had been working with stained glass but felt constrained by this medium.  Fused glass allowed me to experiment and express myself more freely.   After my class I set up a studio in my house where I experimented with different techniques.   I enhanced by learning by taking some workshops at Diablo Glass in Boston and studying online tutorials and ebooks, including many of the fine AAE Glass videos.

This art form has taught me patience, focusing, perseverance, and the enjoyment of experimentation.  No matter how much you learn, the moment of opening the kiln is always a surprise.

My work has been accepted in several juried shows including The American Craft Festival at Lincoln Center , Paradise City Art Fair, Great Barrington Crafts Fair, Berkshire Craft Festival . Lenox Art in the Park and ArtRider Rhinebeck.

I have been represented in juried exhibits at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute; the Bunker Hilll Community College; the Sharon Arts Center, Peterborough, NH;  Jaffrey Civic Center, NH; and the  Gardner Museum, Gardner, Massachusetts.

I am a member of the NH League of Craftsmen, The Monadnock Area Artists, Gardner Area League of Artists, and a former Vice President for the Monadnock Art/ Friends of Dublin Art Colony  Open Studio Tour.




















































































By Mark Veit 16 Dec, 2222

New Dazzle Dichro 2.0

New! Dazzle Dichro 2.0! 1/2 Pound Scrap Pack on Clear • 90 COE



New! This amazing new glass designed by Tanya Veit comes in half pound (8oz.) packs and is all 3mm thick for extra depth. We take our scrap packs very seriously and hand pick them to create the best variety possible and cut larger scrap pieces.  Order several as you will receive a different pack each time.  Sorry, we cannot accommodate specific design or color requests.


Buy Here

















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Give the Gift of Glass Instantly

Give to a Friend or Keep it For Yourself
Give the Gift of Glass and Education

Gift Certificates may be purchased online only 
and are valid at only.







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AAE Glass Molds and Tutorials

Pro Tip: Molds are HEAVY! Take advantage of both 20% Off and Free Shipping on qualified retail orders over $200 while supplies last. The AAE Glass Education Center has tons of FREE mold tutorials that give you a visual of how your piece will turn out before you purchase. This helps you really decide which molds are for you. We have hundreds of Creative Paradise & Bullseye molds ready to ship for free today to go along with all of the additional Black Friday Savings. Don't forget to add your favorite Bullseye Frit colors, ZYP and/or Kiln Wash so you are fully stocked and ready to go.

A Few of Our Customers Favorites





By Mark Veit 23 Nov, 2222
Tanya Veit Fused Glass Instructor

NOW AVAILABLE - Cosmic Reactions in Glass by Tanya Veit - A New Video Tutorial



Tanya Veit released her newest fused glass video, Cosmic Reactions in Glass. This new technique is a SHOW STOPPER! 
You will create two fused glass 8" x 8" functional pieces of glass art. As an added bonus, Tanya will include an easy, yet highly impactful jewelry technique using this magical glass recipe. It took months of testing before Tanya was willing to release this video and she does not hold back! She reveals it all! This is not a technique you will do just once. This technique is a foundation that will allow you to introduce a new line of jaw dropping glass art to your customers. 

• 10" x 10" Custom Bullseye Cosmic Reactive Glass (It's HIGHLY advised to purchase multiple pieces of this glass since no two are the same. We will be making three 8" x 8" panels in the video.
• Scooper Tweezer Tool (Optional but will make your life a lot easier!)
• Birds, Suns & Moons Simple Screen™(Optional. Used in Project #2)
• EZ Fire Black Enamel (Optional to add black/gold imagery. See Amazon list for gold luster used)
• Mixing Medium for enamel (Optional. Needed to mix black enamel.)
• 2" or 4" Squeegee (Optional.  Needed to screenprint imagery.)
• Outline Paint Pen (Optional.  Needed to add gold luster.)
* Optional LOW-COST AMAZON ITEMS: The following items are used in the video by Tanya as she demonstrates optional techniques on how to embellish your cosmic plates.  These items are not required for the technique but add a lot of interest and creativity to your pieces. 
• Ceramic Gold Luster
• Cordierite Pizza Stone (An alternative kiln shelf to fire silver, this is an excellent and cost effective option!)
• 1" & 5/8" Hole Punch Set 
• Rubber Texture Stamp Cracks & Specs 
By Mark Veit 10 Nov, 2222

Tanya Veit Video Announcements

Watch Below!

Tanya Veit has a HUGE Announcement




AAE Glass has made the decision NOT to raise our prices on Bullseye Glass products with the rest of the industry. With the cost of everything increasing in the world, we really feel this is an area we can help you save and grow your art. We made the decision not to pass this price increase on to our AAE Glass customers based on the unwavering support we have received from you over the past decade. The consistent referrals of new customers from you is not lost on us and we appreciate that more than you know. So please, let your guilds, social media groups and glass buddies know that AAE Glass is NOT increasing the price of our Bullseye Glass product line and we will continue to offer FREE SHIPPING on qualified retail orders.





AAE Glass is on a mission to assist you in saving money across the board. Not only are we NOT raising Bullseye Glass prices with their newly announced increase, but we have also negotiated much lower shipping costs with our UPS carrier. Effective immediately, shipping costs with UPS will be approximately 15% lower on all orders for both retail AND wholesale customers. As glass artists, we understand that current inflation is making it difficult for us to do the craft we love. With the decrease in shipping costs and holding our Bullseye Glass prices steady, we hope this will aid all glass artists enormously. As always, AAE Glass is committed to our customers first and foremost. NOTE: These new shipping savings for retailers and wholesalers are effective October 10th. We cannot discount previous orders. Thank you for your continued support! 


By Mark Veit 01 Nov, 2222

Make sure to be fully stocked with all your jewelry making essentials


Jewery Shape Templates have a frosted surface



Used for Jewelry Pendants, Earrings and Tanya's signature donut pendants




Display your jewelry creations in something artistic and eclectic, just like your art. These are an affordable alternative to genuine Sterling Silver and are superior in quality with good weight and pristine silver plating over copper base metal.

By Mark Veit 27 Oct, 2222

Glass-Glo Restocked

What is Glass-Glo? Glass-Glo should be used as a surface application which results in a colored metal or sparkle appearance. Stabilized for glass, glazed ceramic and enameled metal applications. Glass-Glo is lead free and can be mixed with water for a watercolor effect or any oil based medium for thicker applications. Use paintbrushes, sponges, q-tips etc. to apply.

Glass-Glo can be fired from 1325-1500 degrees. IMPORTANT: Please follow very specific firing schedules below. Glass-Glo must be ramped slowly with small holds in order for true colors to mature. It does not matter what fusing process you are doing, the schedule will always be the same when ramping up - when using Glass-Glo. When adding multiple layers of Glass-Glo, fire the first layer on and then add another design layer and fire again. The metallic coloring with Glass-Glo will maintain its vibrancy on multiple firings. You must TEST your kilns temperatures and create a sample bar before using Glass-Glo on a project to achieve your desired results. Leave peep holes open in the kiln while firing Glass-Glo. Once it is fired on, rinse your glass thoroughly. The excess Glass-Glo that is not in direct contact with the glass, will wash away. This is normal. Make sure your glass has "tooth" when applying Glass-Glo. This will allow full coverage on your glass when using the metallic coloring. There are 3 ways to do this easily:

1. Sandblast your glass
2. Use an extra fine piece of sandpaper or diamond hand pad to "rough up your glass."
3. Sift clear powder over your piece of glass and prefire it to 1300-1310 hold for (3-10 minutes - make a sample first!) so the powder just "tacks" and this will leave a sandpaper-like surface for you to paint easily.

FIRING SCHEDULE FOR GLASS-GLO (If you have projects that are thicker and larger, you will have to slow down your ramp times but your hold temps and times will be the same.):

250 DPH - 350F - Hold 10min.
350 DPH - 500F - Hold 10 min.
350 DPH - 1000F - Hold 20 min.
600 DPH - 1325 - 1500 (Depending on your process & results desired.)
Continue on with your annealing schedule.


Shop All Glass-Glo Below

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