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We can't thank you enough for your support this past week and always. Your words of encouragement and your orders are fueling us during this crazy time. Amy and crew are shipping your orders ASAP daily, so thank you for your patience. We will be pausing our Simple Screen production starting Monday, May 23rd until we get settled out west. Please order any Simple Screens and corresponding products needed by May 23rd so our staff has time to create and ship them before we move. Tanya Veit offers several FREE video tutorials showing you how to perform different techniques using all of these products (scroll down).

Thank you and we will keep updating you as we progress through this move.

Simple Screens

Burning screens is a rewarding process but not everyone has the equipment or the means to make the investment, not to mention the time and space it takes to do such a process.  Simple Screen is your answer!

Simple Powder Screens

Pre-burned royalty free stencil screen designs for use in your personal artwork.  These are made of durable 130 mesh screen.  Screens can be used for the enamel screen printing process as well as powder printing

Simple-Bitty Screens

Simple-Bitty™ Jewelry Screens!  Beautifully detailed images developed by Tanya Veit 

Simple Etch Screens

Reusable etching screens allow you to create you own patterns in dichroic glass.  These screens were developed and designed by Tanya Veit. Screens are 2" x 2" squares, two to a pack and reusable up to 20 times each (more if proper care is maintained.) 





All Foodie Enamel

All EZ Fire Enamels

All Big Mouth Paints

Screen Printing Tools


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Wholesale Moving Sale


HUGE Moving Sale!

Bullseye Glass, Frit, Molds & More!







In stock items only. No rain checks or backorders. Cannot be combined with previous orders or other discounts. Prices as marked.
Discounts are available on only and do not apply to the
special order Bullseye wholesale site (


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Retail Moving Sale


HUGE Moving Sale!

Bullseye Glass, Frit, Molds & More!






In stock items only. No rain checks or backorders. Cannot be combined with previous orders or other discounts. Prices as marked.
Discounts are available on only and do not apply to the
special order Bullseye wholesale site (

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NEW Decals only at AAE Glass


only at AAE Glass

                   Decals are made with glass enamel and are the strongest & best color saturation on the market. Decals fire true to color.               Can be fired on any COE of glass. 


Forest Fairy

Twin Herons

Forest Tree Line

Beautiful Mandala

Tree Path

Setting Sun

Knarly Forest

Moonlit Waters

Long Rooted Tree of Life

Infinity Tree

Sketch Art - Birch Tree

Sketch Art - Evergreen Tree

Sketch Art - Peaceful Park

Moon Phases

Bonsai Circle

Sketch Art - Cabin Fever

Sketch Art - Cypress Trees

Bird Gathering

Doodle Flowers

Beach Day 

Spectacular Tree

Enchanted Tree

The Lighthouse 

Tree Birds

Artistic Butterfly

Dock of the Bay

Birds Nest

Cliff Tree

Tree Landscape 

Whimsical Garden

Fence Cats

Lazy Tree

Glass Fusing Decals

Tips & Firing

Instructions PDF

250F to 250F hold/soak 10 min.
350F to 500F hold/soak 20 min.
500F to 1095 hold/soak 12 min.
Full Speed to 900 (anneal for specific thickness of glass) TURN KILN OFF!

For More Firing Information Click Here

Silver  Settings

• Sterling Silver Plating
• Copper Base Metal
• Glue Pad for Cabochons or Gemstones
• Unique & Upscale
• Complete Size in Description


By Mark Veit 20 Apr, 2222

Murrine - 90 COE

An exciting product brought to you by AAE Artisans. You will receive (8) pieces of approximatley 2" murrine canes.  It is easier to nip longer pieces of cane.  This equates to 1.8-2.5 ounces depending on thickness.  Each batch will give you approximately 64 slices of 1/8" thick murrine after nipping it up. This is a ONE-OF-A-KIND product and each batch (created by Renee Farr) will be a delightful mix of colors and designs shown. 


  Choose from these beautiful colors:

Star Fire 2oz. Murrine Bag AAE Artisan Murrine - 90 COE

Concentric Rainbow 2 oz. Murrine Bag AAE Artisan Murrine - 90 COE 

Pot Luck Mix Murrine Bag AAE Artisan Murrine - 90 COE

Rainbow Swirl AAE Artisan Murrine - 90 COE

Cotton Candy AAE Artisan Murrine - 90 COE

Meadow AAE Artisan Murrine - 90 COE

Tigers Eye AAE Artisan - 90 COE

Cherry Pop AAE Artisan - 90 COE

Tuxedo AAE Artisan - 90 COE

Harvest AAE Artisan - 90 COE

Mango Dreams AAE Artisan - 90 COE

Mint Julip AAE Artisan - 90 COE

Blueberry AAE Artisan - 90 COE

Rainbow Sherbert AAE Artisan - 90 COE

Marina AAE Artisan - 90 COE

Peacock & Robin's Egg Blue Swirl AAE Artisan - 90 COE

Linear Blue AAE Artisan - 90 COE

By Mark Veit 08 Apr, 2222

Mica - Metallic Accents

Add some color and sparkle to your glass projects! Fuse, enamel and flamework with Mica powders. Can be fired between glass or on top. Works great with all glass COEs. Can also be added to metal clay, polymer clay and resin casting projects.

3.5 oz Jar


Super Copper                                                                      Super Sparkle



Super Bronze                                                                          Majestic Gold




Paints, Micas & Metallic Luster Guide PDF

A comprehensible guide showing comparison tables, descriptions, firing schedules & projects using all paints & metallic lusters that AAE Glass offers. A must-have guide for the warm glass artist.

By Mark Veit 04 Apr, 2222

AAE Glass Displays

Round Stainless Steel Wall Mount Glass Displays
It is time for something simple, affordable and high end to display your glass art. The suggested glass art size is 6" -  12" round depending on how much of the stainless you want to display. High-quality stainless steel wall mount with "brushed silver effect."  These are not aluminum and are solid stainless.  It can also be painted with alcohol inks, spray-painted etc.  Gives the effect of floating off the wall. Has welded brackets on the back for hanging using a traditional style picture frame hook as shown. Glass is mounted to the stainless steel plate with high-grade adhesive and it comes with complete easy to follow instructions. 
  12x12 Round Wall Mount               14x14 Round Wall Mount
Brushed Stainless Steel Wall Mount Glass Displays
                               11x16                               14x14                              5x20                               
     6x12                          10x10                          8x8
Adjustabail Wall Mounts
     Adjustabail Panel Stand-Offs            Maxi Adjustabail Kit                    Midi Adjustabail Kit                       Mini Adjustabail Two Pack
Table Top Stands
     5" Table Top Glass Display        5" Round Top Glass Display       8" Round Black Glass Display
              8" Square Glass Display                     12" Square Glass Display
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Did you know AAE Glass has Bulk Discounts?

These Silver Settings are perfect for fused and lampworked glass creations, polymer clay, ceramic cabochons, acrylic pour cabs and much more. These are unique in design and a breath of fresh air for all jewelry makers. These creatively designed findings are perfect for those of you that need the perfect complement to the design you worked hard on. Display your jewelry creations in something artistic and eclectic, just like your art. These are an affordable alternative to genuine Sterling Silver and are superior in quality with a good weight and pristine plating over copper. Bulk pricing involves offering a particular item or group of items at a lower price based on the number ordered.


On all Silver Settings, we are offering 

Buy 3 +and save 10%

Buy 6+ and Save 15%











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Food Safe Powder Enamel Screen Printing Paint




Foodie Enamel is lead and cadmium free as well as FOOD SAFE.  Foodie enamel can be fired between 1250F and 1420F which is perfect for your silk screening projects.  Did you know you can also mix Foodie Nature's Green enamel and Foodie Dove White enamel to any shade of green you need and they will fire TRUE TO COLOR?  Since Foodie green and white enamel does not contain cadmium or lead, there is no need to worry about reactions when firing. 

Here is a FREE VIDEO  of Tanya Veit demonstrating just that. 





Review by Linda C.
 Yea! As Requested Blue Foodie Enamels!
Received my blue Foodie Enamels and am excited to add them to my other Foodie colors. Blues and greens are my favorite colors so adding the two new blues is awesome. By being able to mix them with the other colors I now have a complete palette of colors to chose from. Thanks to Tanya for getting us the blues.



By Mark Veit 11 Mar, 2222

Creating Depth and Drama Giveaway

I would like to welcome the new members to both the Part 1 & Part 2 Creating Depth & Drama Facebook groups. We appreciate your support of Tanya and AAE Glass and look forward to seeing your work. In fact, we haven't done a giveaway in these groups yet, so let's do that for the month of April. I am going to give away TWO separate $50 AAE Glass gift certificates to TWO random artists who post a picture of their work using anything from Tanya's Depth & Drama videos (One winner in each group). Entry deadline is April 30th. One photo & one entry per person, per group. You can enter in both groups, but you can only win in one of them. Please feel free to write about yourself, your art or anything you have going on right now to go along with your picture. 



                Part 1                                                     Part 2

               Watch Here                                              Watch Here


You must have purchased Tanya's video in order to join. Upon requesting to join this group, you will be asked to provide your order number(s) to gain admittance. If you do not provide these numbers, your request will automatically be denied. 


Creating Depth & Drama in Fused Glass Jewelry

Tanya will show you how to create "glow" backgrounds without the use of dichroic glass.  This is a fun and easy way to create never-seen-before and original fused glass jewelry.  These are inexpensive to make and so unique as nothing like this has ever been seen before in fused glass jewelry.  You will raise the bar here with your jewelry creations and wow your friends and family, not to mention your customers if you sell your creations.


Bullseye Glass Needed



Class Supplies Needed




Tool & Equipment Needed





By Mark Veit 10 Mar, 2222