The AAE Glass family is proud to announce Paul Messink has joined the Education Center team.  Paul has released the first two parts of his 3 part series of online video education using enamels to create thick panels.   

Paul Messink is well known for his work with enamels. His beautiful enamel work is easily recognizable. AAE Glass has been lucky enough to host Paul's workshop several times and the students never leave dissappointed.  Now glass artists around the world can learn from Paul in the comfort of their own home or studio anytime, anywhere on any device.  

PART 1 "Introduction to Enamels" has been a huge hit and is a must see for anyone who works with enamels or wants to learn more about working with enamels.  Paul goes in depth into the how's and why's enamels do what they do.  2 hours 15 minutes with 11 chapters of indepth enamel knowledge and experience is available at your fingertips. Whether you have been working with enamels for years or are just starting out, this online video will spark ideas you never knew existed.  

PART 2 "Thick Panel Basics" is now available for purchase and takes Paul's use of enamels to the next level.  Paul is a true educator and believes providing a foundation of essential information allows an artist to learn a skill faster and with more understaning than if they didn't have the basics.  Hence this thoughtfully layed out three part series.  If you want to work bigger and thicker, this is your chance to learn without spending your own time and money on research and development.  

PART 3 is scheduled to be filmed in mid-November when Paul comes back to the AAE Glass Art Studio 2.0 to teach another workshop.  After post-production is complete we are tenatively looking at a release before the end of the year.  

After the completion of this three part series, artists will be able to complete the type of stunning work Paul is known for.  

Don't forget you earn Education Coins for every dollar spent at  These Education Coins can be used towards the purchase of any online video's available in the AAE Glass Education Center. Start saving today with AAE Glass.