We are very happy and proud to welcome Peter McGrain to the AAE Glass Education Center. Peter has taught at the AAE Glass Art Studio several times and he always leaves the students wanting more.

Peter resides in SW Florida now, so we have been able to see more of him lately. He has an open invitation at our studio because he always brings a unique perspective, positive attitude and a bundle of laughs with him!


Peter's first online video tutorial, The Foundations of Glass Cutting, dives into a subject that every glass artist can improve on...CUTTING! In this 2 hour and 20 minute video tutorial, Peter goes in depth to address the basics of cutting, how and why glass breaks the way it does, cutting complex shapes (you have to see this), including circles and curves and so much more. Along with in depth demos of how to execute difficult cuts, Peter explains why the glass is doing what it's doing. He is a big believer in the idea that if you know and understand why something like glass reacts the way it does, it is easier to see a bigger picture and complicated cutting can become less intimidating.

Peter not only shows you the right way to cut glass, but like any good teacher, he also shows you the WRONG way to cut glass. This is a must see for any studio professional who relies on efficient production to get the job done. As Peter states in this video "Time is Money." We speak to glass artists everyday who are looking to improve their production and efficiency. Why not start with your cutting?  Peter offers several ways to be accurate while still being efficient and productive.

Peter's video is available for purchase today and will be part of your AAE Glass dashboard. You can take this video with you whether you are at home, in your studio or traveling. We would like to extend a big thank you to Peter and we look forward to working on the next video shortly.