What a great few years it has been! As many of you have heard, AAE Glass is expanding and moving this summer. In the past 7 years, AAE Glass has grown from a basement, to a garage, to a small studio, to the best glass campus Florida has to offer. We are now in the process of moving from our current location, to one almost three times the size! Needless to say, Florida's best glass fusing studio is about to get even better!

Not only will we continue to carry unique and affordable glass fusing supplies, we have several brand new ideas that the industry has never seen before. These have been in the works for several months and will be ready to launch shortly after we get settled. These new adventures, along with Tanya Veit's enthusiasm, will no doubt revolutionize the fused glass industry. I am not at liberty to say what these new ideas are just yet, but rest assured, they were hatched by Tanya and given the same attention and love as everything else she does.

Judging by the number of downloads and the numerous emails we receive daily from glass artists around the world, the AAE Glass Education Center is a huge hit. There is nothing else like it in the industry. My favorite emails to receive are the ones from glass artists located in parts of the world without access to glass studios, that state their love for glass art has been renewed because glass art classes are now available online. For many artists around the world, the Education Center is the only viable option to learn new techniques.

We have a long list of top industry educators lined up to come to Cape Coral, Florida and film their techniques for the AAE Glass Education Center. This is not only a valuable tool for glass artists around the world, but glass educators are really liking the idea of being able to share their work with people who would otherwise never have a chance to meet them. The broad reach of the Education Center is allowing artists around the world to take their abilities to another level.

With that said, online classes are not the same as learning in a classroom environment. So to address that need, the new AAE Glass Studio will have multiple classrooms that will offer everything from open studio to Master classes. There will be something going on nearly everyday. Our current location really doesn't allow us to offer as many classes as we could, simply due to lack of space. This will no longer be the case. Not only will the online Education Center host some of the industries top educators, but the AAE Glass Studio will continue to host top teachers and we will be able to offer multiple classes at the same time! So whatever your level of glass fusing is, we have classes for you both online and in studio.

While we have a big job ahead of us, we wouldn't have it any other way.  We are happy to take on the challenge in an effort to provide a truly unique learning experience that is not available anywhere else.  You, our loyal students and customers, are the reason we are where we are.  You have shown us such great support through the years, both online and in studio, that we now have an opportunity to build on the momentum and bring you even more new products and techniques.  Seeing our students grow their glass art and their small businesses is what keeps us going!

We thank you for your patience while we make this move.  The website will continue to receive and ship orders during the move.  The AAE Glass Art Studio in Cape Coral, Florida will be closed for a few weeks after our monster garage sale this Saturday May 27th from 10am-2pm.  We hope to see you there.