Away We Go

Our first objective is complete! The entire studio has been packed up and the truck is rolling down the highway. If you see two exhausted looking people in a moving truck, be sure to honk. Please note, both free & paid videos remain active and available for purchase as always. We have suspended shipping product until the last week of June when we are up and functioning in Nevada. Any supplies ordered between now and then, will be shipped the last week of June.

A huge thank you to Bullseye Glass as they have been very generous with their accommodations during our move. They have worked closely with us to coordinate the biggest delivery of glass and frit in AAE Glass history later this month. Tanya is so excited to start a brand new Bullseye color palette from scratch. She has some big plans for you and this glass. This is admittedly a huge move for the Veit family, but receiving all of the love and support you sent this past month really has energized us! We are ready to hit the ground running for you in just a few short weeks. Have a great day!




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