We have received numerous emails, phone calls, social media posts and student questions about what to do now that System 96 glass and frit is getting harder to find.  It is still out there folks, but it is moving fast.  Everyone we spoke with had watched at least one video in the Education Center and attempted the project.  There is your answer right there.  You don't need to purchase the entire Bullseye color palette at once.  We stock it all, we know how much that is and it can be overwhelming.  

Start with one project.  One order at a time.  We list the products needed below the video along with firing schedules and more.  If you start with one project, you will get a feel of how the glass cuts, fires, looks and more.  If you purchase select videos, you will have access to an ongoing Facebook group dedicated to that technique.  These groups are filled with glass artists of all backgrounds who took the same online class, many have used Bullseye glass for years.  Just ask a question and you will receive multiple responses from knowledgeable glass artists.  There is no greater learning resource in the industry. 

If you are one of the thousands of glass artists on the fence and wondering where to go, give one of our projects a try.  It is a perfect chance to sample and play with Bullseye glass and frit.  Who knows, you might even like it. 

To make it even more affordable for you, we are currently offering all Bullseye glass products at 35% off.  Also, if you aren't familiar with AAEGlass.com, we ship all qualifying orders over $200 to the contiguous United States for FREE and we don't charge box or crate fees ever.