challenge yourself


Often times in life we get bogged down in day to day activities, especially when it comes to our businesses. When was the last time you challenged yourself to step out of the norm and try something new?  

This picture caught my eye and got me thinking.  If everyone is doing everything the same way, how can you separate yourself from your competition?  The simple answer is, DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY!  

You owe it to yourself to see what you can accomplish when you step outside of day to day activities.  Try a new glass art technique, approach a potential buyer in a complete different way than you normally would or consult an artist in a different medium that might shed light on points you hadn't thought of before.  

Great things can happen from the unknown.  Chances are some things you try will fail, that's ok, learn and adapt from the experience.  But what about that time when everything comes together and you find yourself on the horizon of a new path...That is when the value of stepping out will be priceless. 

Mark Veit