The Art of the Crackle: Basic, Blending & Beyond w/ Bob Leatherbarrow 

AAE Glass is proud to present Bob Leatherbarrow's maiden voyage in the Education Center.  Bob shares brand new material that will take the Crackle Technique to another level.  Those who have worked with. or learned from Bob in the past, know how thourough and detailed he is. Bob's explainations and examples in this video make it easy to learn and understand.  We would like to thank Bob for his contribution to the AAE Glass Education Center as well as the glass community as a whole!  Below is a note from Bob about the video tutorial. 

 If you want to take the crackle technique to a whole new level, then this is your video! 

Why? The basic crackle technique provides beautiful textures but that is only half the story. Add a painterly colour palette of custom blended powders and design elements such as veining and replacement textures to propel the crackle technique from basic to cutting edge.

The video starts with a review of the basic crackle technique. From there you will learn how to achieve a painterly effect within the crackle texture by layering coloured powders, either as pure colours straight from the jar or as custom blended colours. To finish off the piece you will learn how to precisely add coloured veins and replacement textures. The final result is a crackle piece like never before!
The techniques for blending powders, veining, and replacement textures are not included in any of my e-books. I’ve always wanted to share this information and the opportunity to demonstrate it through a professional video is definitely the best approach. Seven PDF Firing schedules are included.  Come learn with me!