Pink Ice Recipe:
Layer 1: Sunset Blend Thin Radium Black
Layer 2: Double Mini-Splatter Dichroic Clear
*Free 4x4 with orders over $200.00! While supplies last!*
Layer 3: Sunset Blend Granite Clear.  Texture facing down.
Other Dichroic OptionsClear Textured Scrap Pack
Notes: All gradient dichroic colors come in a 19" round sheet and are cut up to quarter sheets & 4x4 pieces.  You will achieve different results depending on which part of the sheet you put together.  The larger the piece purchased, the more color gradient you will receive.  Take notes!



Midnight Ocean Recipe:
Watch Video Tutorial.
Layer 1: Limited Edition Dark Stripes Dichroic Pack
Other Options for Layer 1:
Yellow/Blue - Black Back
Yellow/ Violet - Black Back
Purple - Black Back
Layer 2: Thin Clear Bullseye or System 96 Glass
Layer 3: Triple Rainbow Herringbone Clear
Other Options for Layer 3:
Rainbow 2 Herringbone
R-bow Streaks Herringbone
Dichroic Textured Scrap Pack

Notes:  Use Pebeo Shimmer Metallic Paints to accent pieces.  This is a low-fire paint fired at 300 degrees.



Red Ruby Recipe:
Watch Video Tutorial
Layer 1:  Rainbow 1 Accordian Black Back
Notes: The "warm" colors of this glass.
Other options for Layer 1:
Cyan/Copper Dichroics
Cyan/Dark Red
ayer 2:  Yellow/Red Striker Streaky


Alchemy Pendant Recipe:
View video for tutorial.
Layer 1: Mixture Figure C Black Back
Notes: Use the darker portions of this glass.
Other Options for Layer 1:
Violet Florentine Black Back
Violet Voltage Black Back
Rainbow 1 Figure C - Blue Colors
Dichroic Thin Textured Scrap Pack
Layer 2: Bullseye Alchemy Silver to Gold
Layer 3: Silver Foil placed on Layer 2 of glass
Layer 4: Thin Clear Bullseye or System 96
Layer 5: R-bow 1 Thin Accordian Clear Back (etched) Supplies: Etching Cream
Notes: Use the blue-teal sections of the dichroic