fun fact

I came across a few interesting stats on small businesses in America.  
This is from an article by Brian Sutter in May 2016, on  

*50% of small businesses want to hire in 2016, up from 38% in 2015.  However, 85% of those looking to hire have trouble finding qualified applicants. 

*71% of small businesses expect to increase revenue in 2016. Always a positive sign. 

*50% of small businesses think government should play a lesser role in their business and 10% want government out completely. I believe there are many improvements to be made and leave it at that. 

*Many small businesses don't have a large marketing budget (0% - 6% of revenue). The most common ways of advertising for a small business are email, website, social media and word of mouth. Done correctly and consistently, you can really get the word out for a low cost by utilizing these avenues. 

Mark Veit