gemini revolution saw

Cold Working:
Revolution XT Tile Saw
(originally written in 2009)

I usually save all my cold working of dichroic glass jewelry for one day of the week and do it for about 8-10 hours straight. Cold working is not my favorite thing to do. I often receive emails on how I shape my pieces since my fused glass pieces are so thick.

I would not be able to have such thick pieces and cut them without some serious equipment. I thought I would share with you my personal opinion on the Revolution XT Saw by Gemini. This saw allows me flexibility with my pieces. I have been using this saw for 2 years. It is a workhorse and can cut through anything, however, this is a high maintenance saw. Depending on your production, I would suggest replacing the saw blade 3-4 times a year.

Cleaning this saw, is not fun. It is a major chore, but doable on your own and a must.

The good stuff...this saw can cut through 6 and 7 layer pieces with precision and little glass chipping. The diamond blades last a long time and I usually cut 100 pieces or more at a time. It is very safe and comfortable to use. In addition, this is a heavy, sturdy piece of equipment and has a self contained water pump. What does this mean? It means I use it INSIDE my studio with little water mess.

For more information, please visit for saw pricing, accessories and replacement parts.

Tanya Veit