glue n screw contest 

First Prize $250 AAE Glass Gift Cert
Second Prize $100 AAE Glass Gift Cert 
Third Prize $50 AAE Glass Gift Cert

Entry Rules
-One entry per artist.
-Use at least one of the following AAE Glass products: Glue N' Screw Piece, Copper Bracelet, Brass Bracelet, Metal Mania Sheet, Vintaj Metal Paints.
-Artists must submit photo to this album (Glue N' Screw Contest) themselves.

Any photo not submitted to this album will not be judged. 

-Entry deadline is Feb. 28th 11:59 pm EST
-Tanya Veit will judge the entries shortly after the deadline. Creativity is what makes this fun.
-Include a link to your website if you like (not necessary for entry). This is a great way to take advantage of free publicity. The sooner you enter the more exposure you will get. 
-Tell us a little about yourself and what you would do with an AAE Glass gift certificate.