When was the last time you walked into your boutique account and showed them a brand new design you have to offer?  When was the last time you included a “New Product” section at your art show?  When was the last time you sent a newsletter or posted on social media, that you have a new product to offer all of your past clients?  If the answer is not that often or never, it is time to increase your sales. 

No doubt you have collected many email addresses of past and hopefully future buyers of your glass art.  If you have been dedicated to building your social media presence, you have hundreds if not thousands of followers to reach out to. 

It is always hard and sometimes scary to expand.  Human nature dictates that people will stick with what works.  This is not a bad thing.  If the glass art you are producing now is helping you to grow your business and client base, that is terrific.  But by diversifying your product line and price tiers, you will widen your marketing net to include a larger client base. 

At the same time you are increasing your client base, you can reach out to past customers and let them know you have something new and unique to offer.  Because you are a great glass artist, your past clients will trust your work and be anxious to get their hands on your new work.  This is the best of both worlds as you will be able to generate immediate orders as well as sow the seeds of new client relationships. 

Tanya Veit has come up with a process that will combine metal and glass to create some stunning and very unique bracelets.  A FREE video tutorial will be released soon, as will the products to increase your product line. 

Metalsmithing is no joke and often includes a number of tools.  Tanya understands that we are all glass artists and not metalsmiths, so this technique will require minimal tools.  The prices of the material to make these bracelets will leave you room with your margin to make money and continue expanding as well.  

We not only try to offer new techniques to the glass art community, but we want you to succeed at your business, increase sales and grow!  Now let’s get fusing!

Mark Veit