We at AAE Glass are excited, happy and proud to welcome Ms. Kate MacLeod to our education team.  Kate's first online video titled Dichro Cakes: Concentric Circle Jewelry with Kate MacLeod is now available and will change the way you look at dichroic jewelry.  This 1 hour and 40 minute video can be viewed on any device at anytime.  You also receive Kate's notes and firing schedules so you can learn or go back and view again anytime you like!  Detailed description below. 

Kate has also filmed her never before taught Kate Rock's online video tutorial.  It is currently being edited and will be released soon.  Did you ever think it possible to create a geode rock out of dichroic glass?  What if I told you it looks even better than the real thing!  It does!  More info to follow as we get closer to the release of her second online 

Introducing the next sensation in Dichroic Jewelry!  Kate MacLeod will lead you through creating amazing jewelry pieces that are… wait for it… kiln formed concentric circles!  Seriously?  That can be done in a kiln?  Here-to-fore reserved for glass blowers and torch workers, the layering of color, and not only color, but Dichroic color, in concentric circles is perfected, explained, and made simple.   The handouts alone are worth a gold mine as Kate thoroughly explains the properties of dichroic glass with diagrams, charts and color selecting.  Not only that, Kate has perfected the use of Dichroic scrap!  Make the most out of every square centimeter of your Dichro.  This is the next big seller in Dichroic jewelry.  Whether you simply tether it as a pendant, wire wrap it, or use a stunning bracelet finding, the glass process will take your work to the next level.   Kate’s formulas are included in the extensive PDF’s as dichroic-cake stack charts, along with firing schedules, and a comprehensive explanation of the CBS Dichroic color bar.  Are you ready to take the next step into Dichroic Jewelry?  This is it, no if’s, and’s, or but’s.