Cast Glass Meteorites, Geodes & Captured Nebulae 

 Kate MacLeod has done it again.  Kate Rocks is sweeping the glass fusing world and there is a buzz along with it. 

These unique cast glass pieces are eye catching and show stopping.  Imagine dotting your next art show display with some of these beauties to go along with your already established pieces.  You will cultivate a whole new crop of customers. 

Contact your past customers and let them know you have something new and amazing to offer them.  This is a perfect chance to reconnect with people who know your work. They may not buy a rock, but you can show them how you are evolving as an artist and generate several reorders. 

Local galleries will eat these up for their uniqueness.  Perfect for those of you doing production and yet another outlet for Kate Rocks.  

Little to no coldworking or equipment needed and molds fit in most 6" deep kilns.  For details about the class, supplies and more, visit the AAE Glas Education Center and Kate Rocks!

The possibilities are endless and we are excited to see what you do with this technique.  A huge thank you to Kate from AAE Glass for being such a professional and offering this technique in the AAE Glass Education Center for all of the fused glass world to benefit.