We are happy and proud to announce Bob Leatherbarrow has agreed to join the AAE Glass team and offer his E-Books in our Education Center.  When you purchase any of Bob's three detailed E-Books, you will be able to access it on your AAE Glass dashboard anytime you want!  You can read them from any device or print them out if you prefer!  Having all of your educational information available in one place will save you time, while allowing you to access it from your home, studio or anywhere in the world. Bob's E-Books would be a great addition to your glass fusing library at AAE Glass. 

Tanya and Bob go back several years and have discussed techniques and teaching often.  When the AAE Glass Education Center was recently completed Tanya again reached out to Bob to gauge his interest in offering his educational material in E-Book form.  Tanya knew that AAE Glass customers would greatly benefit from Bob's E-Books.  As you will see in Bob's E-Books, he is very detail oriented.  After much thought, Bob agreed to come down to Cape Coral, Florida to meet with Tanya and discuss the proposal more thoroughly.  

AAE Glass is one of two glass fusing studios in the country that Bob has chosen to allow to teach his techniques in a live setting (Paul Tarlow of Helios is the other).  Bob, Tanya and several of the AAE Glass staff spent a few days going over his techniques and teaching points to prepare for the live classes (Currently sold out). Thanks to Bob for agreeing to do this and we promise to do you and your glass work proud.  

At the end of the visit, we discussed the E-Book proposal more and we agreed it would be a good idea for everyone involved, most importantly, the AAE Glass customers.  Here we are today.  Bob has three E-books available in the only online Education Center of its kind in the industry and we have several sold out live classes focusing on Bob's techniques.  

I wonder what Bob will come up with next?!  Whatever it is, we will be sure to bring it to you!