Just a few things to think about as you develop your marketing plans moving forward. 

***Over 50% of Americans do their browsing on mobile devices, compared to 40% who use desktops or laptops.  These numbers will likely continue to trend towards mobile devices as over 75% of Americans own at least one smartphone.

***The worlds most popular social media site, Facebook, says that 38% of its users access the site by mobile devices only. 

***Social media paid advertising is becoming more popular due to the ability to target your market.  Paid social media advertising, on average, accounts for 9% of a company's marketing budget.  That is expected to increase to 25% in the next several years. 

***Video is taking over.  As consumer attention spans decrease, video is quickly becoming the "quick hitter" in advertising.  Don't just tout yourself and your products in advertising, be sure you are giving the consumer as much helpful information as possible in regard to your product.  Video is quickly becoming the conduit between seller and buyer. 

***Keep track of your online reviews. Many businesses are connected with Yelp and other review sites like it.  Be sure to monitor those reviews as a growing number of consumers are using these type of review sites to determine their shopping habits. 

Mark Veit