System 96 Stock Update
AAE Glass is currently offering our remaining stock of System 96 glass & frit at 35% off while supplies last.  There is a VERY limited supply currently.  We will not be receiving anymore system 96 glass products until Oceanside Glasstile begins production later this year.  We have been in contact with Oceanside and receive regular updates as they implement equipment.  They are moving right along and even consulted with System 96 employees for best results. We are excited to work with them once they are up and running and are prepared to stock up for you.  
In the mean time, we continue to offer all of our Bullseye products at 25% off everyday, with Free Shipping & Free Gifts available.  Tanya Veit continues to pace the industry with new video tutorials on topics for beginner through master glass artists.  The AAE Glass Education Center and the AAE Glass Facebook pages have quickly become the go to references for the entire glass industry.  There is something for everyone! 
Thank you everyone for remaining calm (mostly) during the great glass scare of 2016.  They were trying times, but we have remained positive and the amount of opportunity on the horizon is endless.  We want to share this opportunity with you.  We promise to bring you new products and even newer techniques in the year to come.