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What is the value of FREE SHIPPING?

We want to share two examples of orders and show how free shipping can really make a difference when it comes to getting more for your money. 

Example One Without free shipping shows
$96.30 in glass (5) 10x10 + $91.88 in frit (4) 1 lb + $52.23 = $240.41

Example Two with free shipping shows
$96.30 in glass (5) 10x10 + $91.88 in frit (4) 1 lb + $25.57 (1) tekta = $213.75

Now, would you rather pay $52.23 in just shipping to receive your glass & frit only at a total of $240.41, or pay a total of $213.75 with FREE SHIPPING and receive the same original glass and frit plus additional tekta, thinfire, glass, frit, chains, etc? Often times when an order is $150 or above before shipping costs, it makes financial sense to add $50 worth of items that you know you are going to use eventually anyway to take advantage of FREE SHIPPING.   

Free Shipping Rules:

Free shipping does not apply to half and full sheets of Bullseye Glass.
However, there is no longer a box charge for these items.

Free shipping will be applied to retail net orders that are over $200.00.

Wholesale customers are not eligible for free shipping.

We offer free shipping to the continental 48 states only.

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New Small Molds for Small Kilns

New Creative Paradise Molds!

Over 40 small molds for smaller kilns.






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Get Instant Product Restock Notifications

We have numerous orders in transit to us from suppliers around the world. We are stocking fast and furious and we do our best to let you know when products arrive. Did you know there is an even faster way to be notified when an out of stock product is restocked? You can add an out of stock product to your wishlist and you will be notified by email IMMEDIATELY once that product is put back into stock. This is very helpful for products that have limited availability or sell out quickly. Now you can be the first to be automatically notified of your favorite products at AAE Glass. Here are the simple instructions on how to utilize this feature on the AAE Glass website.


STEP 1. Log in


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AAE Glass is shipping again

We did it! Thank you all for your support and encouragement! In three weeks time, we packed the AAE Glass studio, packed Tanya and John's house, moved 2,500 miles across the country to Nevada, unpacked the AAE Glass Studio, unpacked Tanya and John's house, setup the new AAE Glass warehouse, restocked with our biggest Bullseye Glass order ever and reloaded your favorite products from Tanya. With a huge renewed energy, we are happy to announce that we are ready to start shipping again today. Don't forget we offer Free Shipping on qualified retail orders over $200 in the contiguous United States. All in all, these past three weeks couldn't have gone better. We are ready to rock! 

Please Note:
Simple Screens are not yet available to order.
We are currently setting up the dark room and will have them available shortly.


Experience a color-planning revolution with the Bullseye Color Wheel!

One side strategically arranges (almost) every opalescent Bullseye sheet glass color. The other does the same for (almost) all the transparent colors. 



FREE SHIPPING on Orders Over $200
*Restrictions Apply Does not apply to half and full sheets Bullseye Glass.

Wholesale customers are not eligible for free shipping.

We offer free shipping to the continental 48 states only.

Excludes equipment, videos, and class tuitions.



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Away We Go

Our first objective is complete! The entire studio has been packed up and the truck is rolling down the highway. If you see two exhausted looking people in a moving truck, be sure to honk. Please note, both free & paid videos remain active and available for purchase as always. We have suspended shipping product until the last week of June when we are up and functioning in Nevada. Any supplies ordered between now and then, will be shipped the last week of June.

A huge thank you to Bullseye Glass as they have been very generous with their accommodations during our move. They have worked closely with us to coordinate the biggest delivery of glass and frit in AAE Glass history later this month. Tanya is so excited to start a brand new Bullseye color palette from scratch. She has some big plans for you and this glass. This is admittedly a huge move for the Veit family, but receiving all of the love and support you sent this past month really has energized us! We are ready to hit the ground running for you in just a few short weeks. Have a great day!




You Have A Bunch of Coins, Now What? Use your coins to unlock online video classes and learn for free! If you don't have enough coins to purchase a video for free,you can use your coins to reduce the price. No minimum purchase required. You must be logged in to earn and use coins.

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View All Our Online Education Video Tutorials Below


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Bob Leatherbarrow

Bob Leatherbarrow established Leatherbarrow Glass Studio in 1988 and has created original kilnformed glass ever since. Known for his innovative styles, techniques, and designs, Bob has taken an experimental approach to developing unique textures and colour palettes using glass powders. His glass bowls and sculptures explore the subtle hues and delicate beauty of naturally occurring textures and encourage the viewer to ponder their origin. In 2008 Bob moved to Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, where he continues to make glass art and write e-books on his signature techniques. Bob has also been a popular instructor on both the national and international kilnformed glass scenes and has recently shared many of his techniques through the comprehensive AAE video class program.


The Art of the Crackle: Basic, Blending & Beyond w/ Bob Leatherbarrow • Online Video Tutorial

  If you want to take the crackle technique to a whole new level, then this is your video! Why? The basic crackle technique provides beautiful textures but that is only half the story. Add a painterly colour palette of custom blended powders and design elements such as veining and replacement textures to propel the crackle technique from basic to cutting edge. The video starts with a review of the basic crackle technique. From there you will learn how to achieve a painterly effect within the crackle texture by layering coloured powders, either as pure colours straight from the jar or as custom blended colours. To finish off the piece you will learn how to precisely add coloured veins and replacement textures. The final result is a crackle piece like never before!

The techniques for blending powders, veining, and replacement textures are not included in any of my e-books. I’ve always wanted to share this information and the opportunity to demonstrate it through a professional video is definitely the best approach. Seven PDF Firing schedules are included.  Come learn with me!
Private Facebook Group: A private student group has been created on Facebook entitled: “AAE Glass & Bob Leatherbarrow - E-books Student Group” You can search the name and request entry or copy and past this link https://www.facebook.com/groups/117685062185507/ Please allow up to 72 hours for your request to be approved. If you are not approved in 72 hours, please e-mail info@aaeglass.com with your name or order number.

Impression Wafers: Printing with Powders Online Video Tutorial with Bob Leatherbarrow

The AAE video,  “Impression Wafers: Printing with Powders” featuring Bob Leatherbarrow, demonstrates a simple, new process for making thin, detailed design elements in powder. A type of powder wafer, these are perfect for using as design components in projects. For artists interested in printing techniques for kilnformed processes, impression wafers are a great addition to your repertoire. There are two steps to creating impression wafers: making the design and applying colours. In Step 1, you will learn how to create and shape an embossed pattern using existing texture mats or your own pattern on a flexible mat. In Step 2 you will learn to hand colour the wafer using glass powders, enamels, micas or other surface treatments so that each piece is unique. The video outlines easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions and firing schedules for creating a range of effects and for firing completed wafers onto glass sheets to ensure crisp outlines in a project. As an added bonus, instructions are given for making a gallery quality sushi dish that incorporates one of your completed impression wafers. Take your printing with powders to a whole new level!

Private Facebook Group: A private student group has been created on Facebook entitled: “AAE Glass & Bob Leatherbarrow Student Group - Impression Wafers” You can search the name and request entry or copy and past this link https://www.facebook.com/groups/2047305102028689/ Please allow up to 72 hours for your request to be approved. If you are not approved in 72 hours, please e-mail info@aaeglass.com with your name or order number.



Display Stands & Wall Mounts: Effective, Easy & Economical

 One of the greatest challenges in completing a glass art project is to display it in the best possible way. The display should keep the focus on the glass and be as unobtrusive as possible. It has to be versatile so that it can work for any size or shape of work and apply to both tables and plinths or for mounting on walls. From a practical viewpoint it has to be easy to make using readily available materials and tools, and be very economical to make. This video outlines my creative solutions for making dynamic stands and wall mounts. Using the 4 approaches to making stands outlined in this video I have been able to fulfill all of these requirements for ALL of my sculptures, bowls and wall pieces. Most importantly I now make artwork that accomplishes my vision knowing that I will be able to make the appropriate stand that best displays the finished piece. - B. Leatherbarrow

How to Watch:   Add this class to your cart and purchase as you would any other item.  Once purchased, your video will be available instantly for lifetime access and may be streamed in your aaeglass.com video library.  If there are handouts associated with the video class, they will also be located in your library and ready for download.  You may watch the video by full length version or by chapter for easy reference.  View full screen by selecting the four-arrow icon at the bottom right of the video frame.


Focus on Design: Fine Lines, Lip Wraps & Colour Fields w/ Bob Leatherbarrow

The line is a fundamental design style in any artistic medium. It directs the eye around a composition, defines boundaries and adds drama. However, as we all know, making a straight, controlled line with a stringer or powder in kilnformed glass is more challenging than applying pencil to paper. Learn how to use stringers, powders, enamels and micas to create perfectly straight  and curved lines, lines that disappear into a piece, or lines that wrap around the outer rim of a bowl.

 This video also explores using powder wafers as colour fields in sheet glass and sculptural blocks. What appears as a line in one direction is a broad "colour field" when observed from a different angle through transparent glass.

And wait ... there’s more. Bob is well known for his understanding of the properties of glass, how glass behaves during the firing process, and his ability to solve technical problems. Throughout this 3 hour video Bob shares many of his insights on creating test tiles to identify and resolve problems, fire polishing, bubble control, improved success in strip cutting, slumping, “cheating” equilibrium thickness, and more.
Use these simple design-focused  “fine line” techniques to add details that will set your work apart.



By Mark Veit 24 May, 2222

Nancy Weisser

Nancy Weisser has focused on glass as a medium since 1980. She owns and operates Weisser Glass Studio in Kensington MD. Nancy is known not only as a skilled and distinguished artist but also as an outstanding educator in the field of glass. She has taught countless classes in her studio as well as hosting nationally known instructors. Through her studio and education program she has made a substantial contribution to the dynamic growth of the Washington DC glass community and beyond.


Dream Garden - Volume I: Floral Garden Online Video Class

This highly anticpated Master class can now be learned in the comfort of your home! 

In this video lesson Nancy will reveal her process of creating fantastical gardens in glass. This will be a multi-step and multi-element process that will include many techniques and use of various vitreous materials. Beyond walking you through a floral garden project step by step, firing by firing, the glass forming techniques you learn in this lesson can be applied to a multitude of projects.

Included in this lesson: vitrograph planning and process - if you do not have a vitrograph kiln to create the elements,  AAE is now selling vitrograph stringers for your convenience - working over a torch to create unique fusible elements, planning and crafting part sheets, methods for generating a variety of visual effects using frits, powders and dry enamels. Students also learn how to work with HXtal glue to make a final professional presentation of their project. Nancy will challenge you to think outside the box, and make decisions in an improvisational way, creating art in real time! Nancy also imparts little gems of wisdom gained through working with glass as a medium for nearly 40 years including tips for keeping your workspace tidy, reducing waste, storing elements, safety, and strategies for minimizing coldworking. The ideas and approaches presented in this video are sure to help you gain a better understanding of kiln formed glass in general. All of this plus a beautiful 30-page handout that reviews and highlights important information covered in this online class.

Private Student Facebook Group:  To further your education, you will be allowed entry to a private student group with Nancy and AAE.  Since this group is closed, you must request to join and we cannot add you automatically.  Please allow up to 72 hours to cross check registrations.  Be prepared to provide your order number at the time of request.  The FB group link is here:



Dream Garden - Volume II: Sea Garden Online Video Class

  In Volume 2 Nancy takes you through all the steps to create a fantasy underwater garden teaming with sea life. In this video lesson students will learn methods of layering imagery through multiple firings and building depth while learning processes for creating elements that will be used to create the imagery. Students will learn new techniques not covered in part one as well as learn new variations of some methods contained in part one. Techniques taught include frit making (how and why), crafting pattern sheets with frit and stringer, creating patterned vitrograph stringer, cane and manipulated elements, enameled bits, making torchworked pieces for adding detail to your design, and strategies for eliminating coldworking and devitrification.  Beyond building a sea garden project the lessons taught will open your eyes to methods and techniques that can be applied to a multitude of kiln projects.  As an added bonus throughout the lessons you will learn the language of artistry, including topics like color selection, contrast and composition without being overwhelmed by these basic concepts. Nancy will encourage you to trust your instincts, use your curiosity and work in an improvisational way leading you to become a more creative maker.

Private Student Facebook Group:  To further your education, you will be allowed entry to a private student group with Nancy and AAE.  Since this group is closed, you must request to join and we cannot add you automatically.  Please allow up to 72 hours to cross check registrations.  Be prepared to provide your order number at the time of request.  The FB group link is here:


The Flow Factor w/ Nancy Weisser

In this video class Nancy Weisser teaches her methods of creating dynamic design in fused glass using her fabulous Flow Factor techniques.  Beyond learning all the steps to creating a beautifully finished work of art, Nancy's insight on basic studio practice is invaluable.  Her thoughtful approach to teaching addresses  many aspects of studio work and her 40 years of experience working with glass really shines through in this class. There are so many lessons in this video that you can apply to all sorts of kiln formed projects; beyond techniques, tips, tricks, and problem solving, you get a real glimpse into the mind of the artist expressed through her advice and encouragement to students on becoming more creative makers.

Private Student Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1188773154818533/


Pattern Bars 101 w/ Nancy Weisser

In this skill building video class Nancy takes you through the steps to creating visually appealing artworks based in the beauty of pattern bar design. Nancy teaches you how to make six different styles of bars opening up endless design possibilities in your fused glass work. Beyond detailed instruction on constructing the bars themselves Nancy shows you ways to build clean, well constructed and nicely finished glass creations.  You learn all the steps and the short cuts as she demonstrates four different methods of fabrication presenting some of the many ways pattern bar slices can be assembled into final projects. All the steps are covered from cutting, designing, firing, sawing and finishing. Bonus lessons include the basics of preparing shelves and dams, multiple methods and strategies for cutting glass accurately and efficiently, pattern making for the perfect fit and tricks to minimize cold working. Beyond a tile saw no other machinery is required for finishing the work. If you are new to pattern bar making or experienced and would like to refine and simplify your process this video class is for you.  Nancy delivers a ton of information in easy to understand language that can be applied not only to your pattern bar projects but into all areas of your kiln formed glass practice.

Private Student Facebook Group Link Below (you must request to join and enter your order # to gain entry.  Please allow 48 hours to grant access)



By Mark Veit 24 May, 2222

Peter McGrain

Award winning artist/designer Peter McGrain has been working with glass for over 40 years. During this time he has handled every type of project imaginable; ranging in scope from intimate experimental panels to large-scale architectural installations. In all it has been his attention to composition and technique that have made his imagery so successful. His work can be found in several public and private collections in both this country and abroad. In 1990 one of his creations was recognized at the World Glass Congress as the finest example of stained glass created during the entire deade of the 1980s. Peter is a contributing writer for GLASS ART and GLASS CRAFTSMAN magazines and frequently travels, offering visiting artist workshops. He currently maintains an independent studio in Florida where he creates his own personal work as well as commissions. As a renowned workshop leader he has encouraged countless students to develop their own styles using the techniques he teaches. His company, Peter McGrain Glass Painting, is dedicated to bringing glass painting supplies and educational support to the expanding art glass community. The Glass Press has published a comprehensive book titled Peter McGrain / Uncommon Stained Glass which features a full overview of this accomplished artist’s work. In 2014 he was awarded the prestigious Joseph Barnes Lifetime Achievement Award by the American Glass Guild, this country’s predominant Glass Art and Restoration Organization.


Creating Amazing Compositions in Glass w/ Peter McGrain Online Video Class

No drawing skills required!  No Painting skills required! 

Create Beautiful pictures of anything you can possibly imagine on ordinary sheets of clear Glass!  It’s possible, with these amazing Glass Painting Techniques.  Painting on glass is by far the most effective way to express your ideas and add artistic style to your glass artwork. Whether you want to depict delicate landscapes or portraits, or outrageous abstract designs, learning the basics of traditional glass painting will enable you to achieve all the visual effects you’ve been dreaming of. 

 It’s just up to you decide what type of art you want to make! Glass painting can be used  on anything from window glass, stained glass windows and fused panels to jewelry, light fixtures, and even tableware.  In this action-packed tutorial , renowned artist and instructor, Peter McGrain, will show you  just how easy it can be to accomplish all of the genuine glass painting techniques.  Using simple tracing techniques, you will learn how to specially prepare and apply these paints to any glass surface .  He will show you how to effectively develop any type of image using painted linework, color, texture and shading, sgraffito & special effects.  All the finer points will also be discussed including the dechniques of tracing, matting, stippling, controlling hardness, application, alternatives, studio set-up, historical overview and more.  This tutorial is an absolute must for anybody who wants to take their glass artwork up a notch into a more exciting and visually stunning direction.  Handouts, firing schedules & THREE tracing templates included.


The Foundations of Cutting Glass w/ Peter McGrain

 We think Tanya Veit sums this video up best:

"I don't care what you think you know about class cutting, this video is unbelievable.  Peter is amazing. I remember when we were in the film studio setting up to shoot and I said to Peter, 'grinders are in the other room' and he looked at me funny and said 'I don't use grinders.'  Meanwhile, I am looking at all these crazy squiggle and horseshoe shapes that he plans to demonstrate on table to cut and break out.  He did it.  Flawlessly.  I was mesmerized by it, to be honest.   If everyone could cut glass like that, you could make any fused or stained glass project.  I've never seen anyone cut and break glass like that.  Not even close."

-T. Veit

By Mark Veit 24 May, 2222

Kate MacLeod

Kate MacLeod is the 2011 and 2013 First Place Winner of the CBS Dichroic by Design Contest. Kate has a long history in art and design and holds a BFA and an MBA, and is the former co-founder of Glass Symphony. She has published in multiple magazines, and is featured in a video on painting with dichroic extract on You-Tube (produced by CBS). Her newest work, Kate Rocks! is now in video form available through the AAE education website. She enjoys her quiet country lifestyle outside of Bend, Oregon while working commissions and independent whim.



Kate MacLeod - Kate Rocks! Cast Glass Meteorites, Geodes, and Captured Nebulae Online Video Tutorial

Dichro-Cakes: Concentric Circle Jewelry w/ Kate MacLeod - Online Video Tutorial - Watch Now


By Mark Veit 23 May, 2222

NEW Decals only at AAE Glass


only at AAE Glass

                   Decals are made with glass enamel and are the strongest & best color saturation on the market. Decals fire true to color.               Can be fired on any COE of glass. 


Forest Fairy

Twin Herons

Forest Tree Line

Beautiful Mandala

Tree Path

Setting Sun

Knarly Forest

Moonlit Waters

Long Rooted Tree of Life

Infinity Tree

Sketch Art - Birch Tree

Sketch Art - Evergreen Tree

Sketch Art - Peaceful Park

Moon Phases

Bonsai Circle

Sketch Art - Cabin Fever

Sketch Art - Cypress Trees

Bird Gathering

Doodle Flowers

Beach Day 

Spectacular Tree

Enchanted Tree

The Lighthouse 

Tree Birds

Artistic Butterfly

Dock of the Bay

Birds Nest

Cliff Tree

Tree Landscape 

Whimsical Garden

Fence Cats

Lazy Tree

Glass Fusing Decals

Tips & Firing

Instructions PDF

250F to 250F hold/soak 10 min.
350F to 500F hold/soak 20 min.
500F to 1095 hold/soak 12 min.
Full Speed to 900 (anneal for specific thickness of glass) TURN KILN OFF!

For More Firing Information Click Here

Silver  Settings

• Sterling Silver Plating
• Copper Base Metal
• Glue Pad for Cabochons or Gemstones
• Unique & Upscale
• Complete Size in Description


By Mark Veit 20 Apr, 2222