Something very exciting is coming - very soon.  This idea has been in development for the past 3 years, give or take. Sometimes, something good can come from a bad experience.  As many of you know, I was very ill in March of this year. I will spare you the details but bacterial pneumonia along with 3 strains of influenza is enough to knock anyone down for 2 months.  After a long hospital stay, I was ordered to bed rest for another month! I did not have much to do except think about new concepts, designs, future experiments and product development. I kept writing in a notebook and bided my time til I could get back to running my company and resume my glasswork.

For years, I have wanted to get into metal smithing and patina work on metal.  I have purchased books, rented videos and even took a beginner class in metalsmithing years ago.  Every time I would get excited about the idea of incorporating my glass with beautiful metal designs, I am quicky reminded about how many tools I would need!  There are so many aspects and tools in the art of metalsmithing.  I remember reading an instructional book and the author said "it took me 22 years to finally aquire all the tools I needed to be successful in this art form."  Forget it! Not to mention I did not want to heat metal, get into soldering, saws, hammers etc. and build workbenches for this sort of thing.  Still, I revisited my books about once a year.  

While taking my "stay-cation" here in my home, an idea started to develop in my brain.  What if I could develop a product or products that would allow my students to design their own line of metal jewelry to accompany their glass pieces without the headache of purchasing thousands of dollars in tools and building workbenches?  What if there was a way to securely attach metal bezels in seconds without ANY metal smithing tools, glue or soldering?  How can we use real metal and patina it , while cutting any shape easily with no tools, to design beatuiful high end jewelry? Finally, I have the answers to all of these questions and I am excited to share it with everyone.  The new Saturday video will be filmed before the end of the month.  These instructional videos will be FREE and show you things you would have never thought possible using a pair of scissors and a file.  Stay tuned everyone...this will be the best one yet.