tree of life

I have written about tier pricing in the HOW TO SELL YOUR ART section at  Here is a popular piece that is very simple, time efficient and loved by many.  The Tree of Life carries meaning around the globe. Black and white are simple colors that match most anything.  Handmade fused glass art is popular among all demographics.  Since this piece is basic, you can create a good inventory in a limited amout of time.  Since this piece is inexpensive, you can charge less for it and capture another level of buyer at your shows or online.  You can also combine this piece with AAE Glass silver settings to showcase it and create more value.  

Please read the How to Sell your Art section for more details on tier pricing.  Below are the basic supplies you will need to create these pieces. 

Black or White Tree of Life Decals 40% OFF UNTIL 9/30/16

Black or White Earring Sheet Decals (Includes smaller Tree of Life images if you like) 40% OFF UNTIL 9/30/16

White Bullseye Glass 25% OFF

Black Bullseye Glass 25% OFF

Clear Bullseye Glass 25% OFF

Tekta Clear Glass  25% OFF 

Silver Settings 30% OFF until  9/30/16

Chains & Cords 35% OFF until 9/30/16 

Diamond Core Bits

Bails & Templates