AAEGlass.com has a new look home page.  You will now see the latest Education Videos right on the home page with the ability to watch trailers with one click of the button.  If you haven't seen the mass amounts of educational material AAE Glass is bringing into your home and studio, take a moment and check us out. 

Some of the best instructors in the world of fused glass have joined our team and made their techniques available at your fingertips for a fraction of the cost of a live class.  With no travel required and the ability to watch these videos anytime and anywhere you want makes education affordable and available to everyone. 

We are proud to be blazing a new path in the fused glass world and we thank you you for the tremendous support.  We are servicing new customers everyday, more now than ever, and we are motivated by all of the positive feedback.  Trust me when I say, this is only the beginning!  We have several top instructors who have already filmed or will be flying to the AAE Glass Art Studio in the near future to film more video tutorials for you!  

...There are other new ventures on the horizon as well.  But we will get to that in another post!