AAE Glass has long believed in simplicity when ordering online, accompanied by detailed customer service.  We still strive for this everyday and our straight forward Discount, Free Shipping & Free Gift policies have helped grow AAE Glass into an industry leader. 

We don't want to confuse you by adding box fees or crate charges to your bill.  We never charge box or crate fees. Retail orders over $200 can actually qualify for Free Shipping!  All orders over $75 have the option to choose from several free gifts! All of this on top of low prices to begin with!  

I find myself forwarding emails and social media posts from our customers to our shipping department more frequently because artists can't believe the personal touch and attention to detail we give each order.  If you can't find an answer in the Education Center, AAE Glass runs the most user friendly Facebook Group in the industry.  With a no nonsense policy, artists can feel comfortable sharing their work, as well as asking questions without judgment.  With over 6000 dedicated and involved glass artists, we have seen this group grow at a very rapid pace.  If you haven't joined us, please do HERE

Tanya Veit began her glass art career in your shoes.  She has experienced the same hurdles you have as a glass artist as well as small business owner.  She has experienced failed art shows, unsavory boutique owners and enough material to write a novel, both good and bad. She realizes that experimentation is not cheap, but it is the best way to learn and still highly recommended. Tanya has been able to offer dozens of free video tutorials, magazine articles and more sharing her experiences with glass artists of all levels around the world.  By spending some time in the AAE Glass Education Center, you will find information on glass fusing techniques as well as marketing tips to keep your business and cash flow growing, all while avoiding some costly mistakes. 

We understand that without offering the unique resources we do and servicing our customers to the best of our ability, we wouldn't be where we are...Where are we you ask?  We are just getting started.  While some businesses are content with the status quo, we at AAE Glass are very uncomfortable with it.  We do not accept status quo and we work hard everyday to bring you the next bit of information or product that will put your business and glass art over the top.  

Glass art is not going anywhere and we at AAE Glass are committed to bringing new techniques and products to the industry. By working together we can build a stronger glass industry which in turn, will help you and us build a stronger business.  

Now get fusing!