Wow. What a week. I have some announcements I need to share with all of you. This will post will be long but a good read!
1. First, we have just been informed that the Metal Mania sheets for the cuff bracelets will be scarce until the END of November. Our artisan company is back ordered on copper. We have a decent amount of inventory IN STOCK NOW. Not a lot, but a good amount. We will surely be out of stock by this week after this post. We have one more smaller order in process now and will be here by the end of September and then that is it until December 1st or so. Christmas is coming so plan wisely!
2. GREAT NEWS! We have finally approved the prototype for genuine USA made Revere copper cuff bracelets to go with the Glue N Screw!!!! So excited about this! Even better news, the company is a small business and owned and operated by Veterans and we are more than happy to support them. They are hand forged and the quality is beautiful... no, exquisite. Those are in production now and will be available in about 3 weeks.
3. Also, at the same time, 2 NEW Glue N Screw colors will be available !
We also have smaller sized ones in production right now! Those will also be available soon.
4. Once these items are available, we will be having a contest with a very generous prize!
5. What else is in production? Square & long rectangle shaped Glue N Screw, silver glue n screw and silver antique bracelets. This will be down the road and we will keep you update. Prototypes have already been turned in and we have started the process!
6. Thank you to all you have supported this new adventure. It has been more successful that we could have imagined. In addition, we can all take pride in knowing we are helping to grow USA small businesses as well. Four of them as a matter of fact and we have changed their awesome. Lead times are longer as they adjust but I feel great knowing where this is going.
7. We have had to hold up on back orders until the next shipment of glue in screw arrives the 3rd week of September. We are already into October.
We will allow backorders again after the first round goes out.
8. We have so many new products, videos and techniques being launched in the next 4 weeks that I will be scarce on the board...Our new online education center will consume most of my time and bring me to 80 hour work weeks the next 4-6 weeks! You will love it and it will revolutionize the industry. Thanks for your support!