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Bullseye Cranberry Sapphirine Transparent, Rod, Fusible, Each

SKU: 001342-0576-F

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May React With

Selenium, Sulfur

Cold Characteristics

Pale blue to lavender with a hazy sheen.

Working Notes

Torch: 001342-0576 develops a range of streaky pinks in the flame. Work in a cooler, oxidizing atmosphere. May develop a light brown color on the surface of the glass if worked in the presence of too much propane (or fuel).

Kiln: Rod-only glass style. A linear, streaked design may develop upon firing and may be visible whether fired lengthwise or on end. Color usually deepens on firing. Possible dark interface reaction with selenium and/or sulfur glasses (000137,001122, 001125, 000124, 000125, 001137, 001437.)  Less viscous (softer) than most other glasses. Some gold-bearing striking glasses, like this one, should be fired with a 2 hour hold at 1225°F during the initial stages of the firing cycle. If fired without this hold, they may not strike at all, or they may strike but appear spotty and have a blue-brown cast, as opposed to the desired target color. This full-fuse schedule effectively strikes these glasses:

Rate Temp Hold
* 1225 2:00
600 1490 :10
9999 900 **

* The initial rate of heat is not a critical factor in successfully striking gold-bearing glasses. Choose an initial rate of heat appropriate to the scale and design of the project that you are firing.

** Remainder of cycle depends on the thickness of the piece.  For color-sensitive projects, we recommend testing the cycle you plan to use by fusing a small sample of a similar setup in the same kiln as the project to best predict final color results.


Sapphirine is designed to appear light blue in transmission and slightly brown in reflection in its cold state. It is designed to be streaky pink in transmission with slightly brown undertones in reflection after it has been flameworked. We advise labeling all striking glasses.

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