Bullseye Light Pink Striker Transparent Rod, Fusible, Each


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May React With

Selenium, Sulfur

Cold Characteristics

Pale transparent blue to lavender. In some lighting may look similar to New Lavender Shift (001442-0576, Cranberry Pink Transparent (001311-0576).

Working Notes

Torch: 001215-0576 strikes to a transparent pink in the flame. Work in a cooler, oxidizing atmosphere. May develop a light brown color on the surface of the glass if worked in the presence of too much propane (or fuel). Light Pink strikes more reliably in larger applications, such as a core bead.

Kiln: A linear, streaked design may develop upon firing and may be visible whether fired lengthwise or on end. Hue and saturation may also differ slightly when compared to sheet glass; a wider range is accepted due to changes that occur in the forming process.



The resulting light pink is more transparent than torchworked sheet glass of the same style (001215-50, 001215-30). Consider encasing with clear to protect the surface from developing a light brown color in the hotter, neutral flame chemistry that you would use for most other styles. We advise labeling all striking glasses.