Cinnabar Opalescent Bullseye Frit ,..

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Available in fine, medium, coarse or powder
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Selenium, Sulfur

May React With

Copper, Lead, Silver

See Bullseye Reactive Potential charts for more information

Cold Characteristics

May appear very muted gray/brown with streaks or variation in color density.

Working Notes

Matures to a red/cinnabar color. May appear slightly dappled.

This style is not suitable for kilncasting because it can become incompatible when held at high temperatures for an extended period.


Made from crushed, screened, and magnetically cleaned Bullseye Compatible sheet glass. 

Frits are versatile and can be used in:
• Pâte de verre and kilncasting
• Kilnforming, including “glass sketch” and “painting with light” techniques
• Torchworking and blowing, to create colors and patterns on surfaces.


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