Video Tutorial - Fused Glass Jewelry: Reverse Dichroic Etching with Tanya Veit


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1 Hour long. 3 projects

Skill Level: All

Free glass fusing video tutorial with Tanya Veit. Reverse dichroic etching. Create unbelievable fused glass jewelry using etching stickers, CBS dichroic and etching creme. Supply list at the bottom of the this page. Tanya puts together a great instructional video showing you how to create artistic and unique etching pendants. Nothing like you have ever seen.

Note about supplies:  The etching stickers are listed below are the stickers Tanya uses for the projects featured in the video, although any sticker of your choice may be used.  It is necessary to have smooth black and smooth clear thin dichroic.  We have listed the dichroic that is featured in the tutorial but any colors you like may be used as long as it is smooth and thin.  

Firing Schedule for Full Fuse Pendants:

Segment 1: 500 DPH to 1000 Hold 30 min.

Segment 2: 100 DPH to 1255 Hold 45 min.

Segment 3: 600 DPH to 1490 Hold 12 min.

Segment 4: 9999 (or FULL) DPH to 900 Hold 60 min.

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