Supernova: Cosmic Creations in Glass w/ Tanya Veit Glass Fusing Video Tutorial

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Running Time: 2 Hours 40 min. • Watch by Full Version or Chapter

Skill Level: All

Equipment Needed: Stained Glass Grinder

Kiln Shelf Size Needed: 6" x 11"

This long awaited video tutorial is a breakthrough in kiln formed glass.  You will learn how to create your own custom designed sheet glass using clear glass and EZ Fire enamels using specialized techniques to form Cosmic Designs.  The design possibilities are endless!  Tanya will demonstrate her secret recipe to mix enamels and Magic Flow to create these hypnotic flow designs.  Even better...these will be created and fired on a single sheet of glass to be used as you wish in your fused compositions and jewelry.  Once created, Tanya will walk you through three different pendant projects to create gallery quality jewelry.  Finishing techniques will be demonstrated as well to bring your jewelry to a professional level.  Get excited about her new "Nebula Flare" plates as an added project that will be sure to be a best seller for those of you selling your glass art.  Functional art designing is also discussed.  Recipes, full handouts, firing schedules and secret recipes are given throughout this video and this is sure to be one of your favorite video tutorials yet.  It is easy, fun and produces unbelievable results...once you know the secrets of course.

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Supernova: Cosmic Creations in Glass - Full Version02:39:14


Lecture: Mixing Enamels - A Secret Recipe00:02:44

Demo: Mixing Enamels00:11:51

This video is about Demo Mixing Enamels 2

Lecture: Cosmic Pouring00:09:55

Demo: Cosmic Pouring00:18:40

Firing Results00:04:10

Designing Pendants00:23:36

Before & After Samples00:13:00

Nebula Flare Project00:18:16

Firing Results: Nebula Flare00:04:58

Designing the Nebula Flare Pendants00:06:00

Grinding & Edging00:05:12


The "Rivet"00:06:56

Designing Functional Art00:03:24

Extra Demo: Jewelry Design Recap00:16:33

Extra Demo: Jewelry Lap Grinder00:06:21

his video is about c17

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