The Art of the Crackle: Basic, Blending & Beyond w/ Bob Leatherbarrow • Online Video Tutorial • Watch Now

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Bob Leatherbarrow

Bob Leatherbarrow


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Bob Leatherbarrow established Leatherbarrow Glass Studio in 1988 and has created original kilnformed glass ever since. Known for his innovative styles, techniques, and designs, Bob has taken an experimental approach to developing unique textures and colour palettes using glass powders. His glass bowls and sculptures explore the subtle hues and delicate beauty of naturally occurring textures and encourage the viewer to ponder their origin. In 2008 Bob moved to Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, where he continues to make glass art and write e-books on his signature techniques. Bob has also been a popular instructor on both the national and international kilnformed glass scenes and has recently shared many of his techniques through the comprehensive AAE video class program.


Kiln Size Needed:  Any

Equipment/Machinery Needed:  Grinder

     If you want to take the crackle technique to a whole new level, then this is your video! Why? The basic crackle technique provides beautiful textures but that is only half the story. Add a painterly colour palette of custom blended powders and design elements such as veining and replacement textures to propel the crackle technique from basic to cutting edge. The video starts with a review of the basic crackle technique. From there you will learn how to achieve a painterly effect within the crackle texture by layering coloured powders, either as pure colours straight from the jar or as custom blended colours. To finish off the piece you will learn how to precisely add coloured veins and replacement textures. The final result is a crackle piece like never before!

The techniques for blending powders, veining, and replacement textures are not included in any of my e-books. I’ve always wanted to share this information and the opportunity to demonstrate it through a professional video is definitely the best approach. Seven PDF Firing schedules are included.  Come learn with me!
Private Facebook Group: A private student group has been created on Facebook entitled: “AAE Glass & Bob Leatherbarrow - E-books Student Group” You can search the name and request entry or copy and past this link Please allow up to 72 hours for your request to be approved. If you are not approved in 72 hours, please e-mail with your name or order number.
How to Watch:  Add this class to your cart and purchase as you would any other item.  Once purchased, your video will be available instantly for lifetime access and may be streamed in your video library.  If there are handouts associated with the video class, they will also be located in your library and ready for download.  You may watch the video by full length version or by chapter for easy reference.  View full screen by selecting the four-arrow icon at the bottom right of the video frame.You must be logged into your AAE account to purchase and watch your video.  There are no refunds on video classes and no exceptions to this policy.  Please e-mail customer service prior to purchasing if you have questions.  Thank you.


The Art of The Crackle w/ Bob Leatherbarrow - Full Version03:05:40

This video can be watched in your library by full version or chapter selection. Handouts and firing schedules can be downloaded and found in your library next to the "watch now" button.

1. Introduction00:07:07

2. Tools & Safety00:03:07

3. Water to Powder Ratio00:02:16

4. Basic Crackle00:43:05

5. Crackle Firing Lecture00:05:43

6. Post Firing Observations00:02:11

7. Cleaning & Coldworking00:06:58

8. Slumping00:06:39

9. Blending Exercise00:15:27

10. Blending Results00:06:43

11. Chauvet00:06:19

12. Blending Strategies00:11:50

13. Blended Blue Bowl Project00:31:05

14. Pre-Blended Bowl Project00:08:13

15. Veins & Replacement Textures00:28:11

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