PMC Sterling Silver Jackets & Fused Glass Jewelry: The Ultimate Coupling w/ Gail Stouffer Video Tutorial

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Gail Stouffer

Gail Stouffer


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The path to this wonderful place has taken some turns, but the destination has always been in clear sight. I started this journey 15-years ago, after a long and successful corporate communications career. My BFA degree fueled a joy for creating, and a passion to help others find their artistic voice. For 12-years I operated a retail store in San Antonio (Wired Designs Studios,) where we sold glass and metalsmithing supplies and taught a ton of classes. For many years it was my devotion and obsession. Even though I loved the business side, I longed for more time to fully develop my own work, and to truly connect with students on a deeper level. So... To quench my thirst, I went back to college to pursue a graduate degree in art (MAE), and as a matter of course, I decided to take a leap and change my life! I ditched the storefront and summoned up the guts to open a studio devoted solely to teaching and growing, a place where we could forge a creative path, together! Its been the best choice I've made in my 30-year career. It's allowed me to grow personally and creatively, and to help my students develop their true potential.


Kiln Size Needed:  Any

Equipment/Machinery Needed:  Grinder & Basic Metal Smithing Tools 

Projects Made: 

     Using your regular glass fusing kiln, create beautiful fine art jewelry from the front as well as from the back! In this video you’ll learn the fun and easy process of making reversible dichroic glass and PMC sterling silver jacket pendants that will “WOW” even the pickiest wearer!

     This video includes invaluable coldworking and metalsmithing techniques that will elevate your jewelry skills to the next level. The techniques in the video can be utilized with any type of glass design you can create and any kind of metal clay you like! Dichroics, pattern bars, Fritrini, Pebbles, Silver, Copper, Rose Gold Brass, whatever is in style, you can follow the trends and stay ahead of the curve!  Galleries will be clamoring to carry your work, and friends and customers will be bugging you with commissions. Don’t miss this great way to move your work above and beyond!


IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING SUPPLIES:  A full supply list can be found in your handouts (found in My PDFs in your account.) . There are some basic jewelry and inexpensive metal smithing tools that are needed in order to complete these projects in this video class and of course, you will need one fire PMC.  The sources and direct links to these products are in the literature provided.  The glass and essential supplies, such as texture mats, dichroic and shaping templates can be found at  Those links are provided in your handouts as well.  You will also need a glass grinder to complete these techniques.  Although Gail uses a ring saw to cut out her shapes from a larger slab of glass,  the jewelry pieces can easily be made individually and then just ground to shape.

How to Watch:  Add this class to your cart and purchase as you would any other item.  Once purchased, your video will be available instantly for lifetime access and may be streamed in your video library.  If there are handouts associated with the video class, they will also be located in your library and ready for download.  You may watch the video by full length version or by chapter for easy reference.  View full screen by selecting the four-arrow icon at the bottom right of the video frame.You must be logged into your AAE account to purchase and watch your video.  There are no refunds on video classes and no exceptions to this policy.  Please e-mail customer service prior to purchasing if you have questions.  Thank you.


PMC Sterling Silver Jackets & Fused Glass Jewelry: The Ultimate Coupling - Full Version00:55:48

This video can be watched in your library by full version or chapter selection. Handouts and firing schedules can be downloaded and found in your library next to the "watch now" button.

1. Tools & Supplies00:03:58

2. Creating the Glass Cabochon00:01:01

3. Designing the Piece00:02:57

4. Creating the Jacket00:09:07

5. Coldworking the Piece00:03:38

6. Preparing the Metal Jackets00:02:40

7. Drilling the Metal Clay00:05:40

8. Drilling the Glass00:04:22

9. Making the Rivets00:00:46

10. Auditioning the Piece00:01:27

11. Constructing the Rivets00:05:19

12. Construction with Spacers & Dapple Block00:08:08

13. Patina & Polish00:02:54

14. The Final Touches00:02:48

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