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Exploring Modeling Glass - Making a Mask w/ Lois Manno Glass Fusing Video Tutorial

  • Exploring Modeling Glass - Creating an Autumn Mask Trailer Exploring Modeling Glass - Creating an Autumn Mask Trailer

Lois Manno


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Lois Manno Artist Statement. I explore ideas of freedom and wildness using kiln-formed glass powders sculpted without molds into three-dimensional shapes like feathers, plants, and other elements from nature. The method I use to sculpt these shapes from pure powdered glass is one I developed myself over several years of experimentation and is now a commercially-available product called Modeling Glass. I’m inspired by folk art such as the Mexican tree of life ceramics, with their brightly painted,stylized shapes. Masks allow me to explore ideas of ceremony, identity,magic and mystery. Lifelike, over sized powdered glass feathers are my way of connecting with the powerful energy of birds. I’m constantly surprised by how strongly people identify with the freedom and majesty of birds. Feathers are light, strong, and resilient; all good qualities to have as a human. Lois studied drawing and painting in college and has been a professional artist for over thirty years. After taking several Bullseye workshops to learn how to fuse, work with frit, exploit reactions, and cold-work glass, she began experimenting with powders and frit in her own way. After several years of research, Lois developed a new product called Modeling Glass, a binder and liquid medium that transforms powdered glass into a substance that can be shaped and molded similar to working with clay. Her signature glass feathers and sculptural glass work are made using Modeling Glass combined with other techniques.In 2018 Lois began teaching other artists how to work with Modeling Glass in sold-out workshops across the country and in the UK and Canada.

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Running Time: 2 Hours/ 35 minutes • Watch Full Version or Chapter Selection

Skill Level - All Levels

Join Modeling Glass creator Lois Manno as she introduces you to working with this exciting product. Mix the two-part ingredients of the Modeling Glass Starter Kit with your own glass powder to make a material that you can sculpt like clay.

There’s no need for complicated molds or freezing.

In this video tutorial, Lois will take you through all the steps to make a unique three-dimensional mask, combining cut sheet glass with elements sculpted from Modeling Glass. She’ll share tips and tricks that will change the way you think about making three-dimensional forms with glass and will show you how to use the half-mask draping form that she designed, currently available exclusively through AAE Glass. The techniques shared in this video can be used in many other Modeling Glass projects, not only masks.

 Project Made in Video: Autumn Mask

Thorough handouts, firing schedules & cutting templates all included.

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