Video Tutorial: Leaf Casting w/ Alicia Lomne

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Skill Level: Intermediate

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This is a short but sweet video tutorial taking you through all the steps of creating a thin cast glass leaves using real leaves!  All skill levels are welcome, supplies are very inexpensive and this will take your fused glass work in an entirely new direction.  The only "cold-working" equipment needed is a Dremel with diamond bit and a grinding pad.  This technique is perfect for small to mid-size kilns as well and small home and hobby studios.

 You will learn how to take a leaf from nature and use it to create a disposable mold that captures all the lovely detail and shape of the actual leaf. You will see how to shape the leaf in different ways and then pour a very simple single layer mold using inexpensive and readily available 50/50 mix of plaster and silica.  You will be shown how to create realistic shading and colors on the leaf using a minimal amount Bullseye glass powder and clear fine frit (see supply list below.) This video will also show you how to add a copper metal stem so the leaf can easily be hung. Simple cold working and surface finishing ideas will also be covered. Attached PDF will list materials, process steps and firing schedule. Have Fun!!  This will be your new favorite technique!

 Supplies/ Tools Needed:

50/50 mix (pottery #1 plaster/200 mesh silica readily available on the Net or local pottery stores.  Very inexpensive!
Clear plastic paint bucket 
Piece of Plastic  or other surface to pour plaster mixture onto 
Leaves Clay (earth clay) 
Clay tool 
Real Leaves!
Grozing pliers 
Diamond sponge (hardware store or Amazon)
Dremel with 80 grit tip



Leaf Casting with Alicia Lomne - Full Version01:01:27


Preparing the Leaves00:09:25

Pouring the Molds00:13:41

Preparing the Molds00:02:58

Filling the Mold00:20:10

Divesting the Molds00:03:32

Finishing Your Leaf00:10:25

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