Video Tutorial: Introducing Scenic Landscapes in Fused Glass Jewelry: My Legacy with Tanya Veit

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Running Time: 7 Hours

Skill Level: All

Equipment Needed: Required: Glass Grinder / Optional: Diamond Tile or Ring Saw

Projects: 12

Private Facebook Student Group: (Please allow 48 hours to gain admittance after your request to join.  You will be prompted to add your order number when requesting entry.)

This is the largest fused glass video ever made.  This will be a slightly different format and the all of the projects are listed by chapter.  There are a total of 12 different projects from start to finish.  Watch when you want your pace.

When the pandemic started, I knew online learning would need to be kicked into high gear.  Did you know I have created over 40 online fused glass instructional videos through the years? What would be next? It was suggested by a close family member to create a video that would be my mark in the fused glass community, my legacy.  And so it began.  Going back to my roots and 8 months in the making, I have given this all I got.  This is it. I have pushed boundaries and developed jewelry techniques that have never been seen in fused glass.  Color blending, multi-depth layering, creating fog/mist, gradient color backgrounds, incorporating reactive pebbles, waterfalls, reflections, shimmering waters, simulated galaxies, solar eclipses, foregrounds & backgrounds, rainbows and coldworking.  EVERYTHING I GOT! All of this and more are in this video.  Step by step.  The most epic jewelry video of all time. Even if you do not create jewelry, this is a technique video that will provide skills that can be utilized in all your fused glass creations.  It's time to start a new year of exciting techniques with jaw dropping results. Hours of instruction that can be viewed time and time again, forever. Watch by project for easy reference.
    I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed challenging myself and bringing this to the glass art world.  Thank you for the support along the way. 

Tanya Veit

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Tools & Safety00:08:36


Silver Reactions00:04:24

Reactive Chemistry00:04:20

Prep: Pre-firing Glass00:03:02

Voodoo Tiles00:17:01

Desert Tiles00:10:32

Lollipop Tiles00:01:29

Mixing Enamels00:06:09

Sunset Pendant00:43:30


Seagulls Pendant00:43:05

Pebble Beach Pendant00:17:50

Moonlit Foggy Night00:40:01

Solar Flare Pendant00:22:09

Lunar Pendant00:08:48

Desert Run Pendant00:22:22

Galaxy Pendant00:26:48

Cypress Trees Pendant00:19:35

Rainbow Forest Pendant00:27:43

Chasing Waterfalls Pendant00:19:55

Land & Sea Pendants00:19:26

The "D" Word00:07:53


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