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Cobble-Bubble Fused Glass Plate Video Tutorial

Tanya Veit


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Internet sensation Tanya Veit is a world renowned fused glass artist and instructor. Tanya owns and operates as well as the AAE Glass 2.0 Art Studio in Cape Coral, Florida. AAE Glass caters to glass artists around the world, of all abilities, with industry leading online education, products and customer service. AAE Glass is a distributor, wholesaler and retailer with many unique products and educational materials that can only be found at AAE Glass. Tanya was raised in an artistic and educational family, surrounded by many teachers. Her Mother and Grandmother instilled and nurtured Tanya's artistic passions and those passions live strong today. As a self-taught fused glass artist, Tanya has produced some of the most popular online video tutorials in the industry and is always releasing new content. She thrives on helping other glass artists learn new techniques and grow their glass art businesses. AAE glass is one of the largest Bullseye Kiln Glass Resource Centers in the world and works closely with Bullseye Glass to constantly provide popular glass, frit molds and more. Tanya was raised to use the best products and tools available to showcase her art to the best of her ability. AAE Glass reflects these beliefs and will continue to lead the industry for years to come.

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Skill Level: Beginner



Tanya's tribute to the Bullseye Clear Glass Movement.  A 40 mintue video teaching one of her newer techniques using UGC Layering Mix, paints & Bullseye clear glass and frit.


Cobble-Bubble Bullseye Fused Glass Plate w/ Tanya Veit00:39:40

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  1. Great new to me approach that has a lot of potential. Thanks, Tanja! review by William on 3/17/2018

    Really enjoyed this video. This is an approach that was new to me. Clearly and completely explained. Reasonable cost. Has potential for variations.

  2. 15 review by Caroline on 7/26/2017

    I learn so much from Tanja, sounds all so easy even if I don't understand perfect English and she speaks very fast , but it's if I do not forget something, very interesting to make. I just cannot find this Spray, to let come out the colors, after you take the wrong side when it is dry.

  3. Beautiful Piece review by Faye on 4/6/2017

    I have watched this twice and will probably watch it again!!! Love the simplicity process with high quality results. I am very new at this and have lots of questions and it helps to watch the videos

  4. Awesome projects with affordable products to make it. review by K@ on 7/15/2016

    Great BE clear glass tribute. This is a very easy, affordable project to do that looks like million bucks. I think this will be a great seller. Shout out to UGC for awesome products as well.

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