Groovy Tie Dye Engraved Dichroic Pendants Tutorial w/ Tanya Veit


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Kiln Size Needed:  Any


Equipment/Machinery Needed:  Table Grinder / Dremel

 Tanya Veit demonstrates how to create easy, yet unique, groovy dichroic pendants using Tie Dye dichroic by DichroMagic and a dremel.  No coldworking equipment needed to complete this project!  



Disclaimer:  This amateur video was shot years ago and although the information is fantastic, the filming is not of professional "Hollywood" quality- more like "youtube" quality. Please note, any paid video classes on are website are professionally filmed in HD with three camera angles by trained videographers...and well, not quite like this...but hey, after all... it is free.  Enjoy.



The following schedules can be used for 90
You may have to adjust the schedule to suit your kiln.


Contour Fuse:


400 DPH - 1000 - Hold 20
100 DPH - 1255 - Hold 60 min.
600 DPH - 1400 - Hold 06 min.  (Adjust to your kiln)
Full to - 900 or 950 Hold 45 min.
100 DPH - 700 - Hold 01


Fire Polish:


400 DPH - 1000 - Hold 20
600 DPH - 1300 - Hold 20 - 30 min.  (Adjust to your kiln)
Full to - 900 or 950 Hold 45 min.
100 DPH - 700 - Hold 01



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