Drop Out Construction & Rim Removal Tutorial w/ Nathan Sandberg

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Nathan Sandberg

Nathan Sandberg


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Artist and educator, Nathan Sandberg is based in Portland, Oregon. After working in the Research & Education department at Bullseye Glass company for 8 years he started Nathans LLC in 2012 and has established himself as one of the top kiln-glass educators teaching today. From Santa Fe to Zurich and Australia to Norway, Nathan is usually somewhere on the planet presenting fresh, innovative curriculum at a wide range of studios, schools and art centers.He is widely credited as the pioneer of the modern Vitrigraph methods which he began to develop at the Bullseye Factory in 2009 and has since taken to unprecedented levels of control. In 2015 Nathans LLC moved out of the basement and into a proper studio space in the Kenton neighborhood of North Portland. Today, Nathan uses OnGrade Studio as his home base and can be found there relentlessly producing work for exhibitions and developing new curriculum to teach whenever he isn't on the road. His primary material is glass although his installations commonly make use of other materials such as wood, metal and concrete. And his artwork can be found in private and public collections around the world.


Kiln Size Needed:  12" x 12" x 9" 

Equipment/Machinery Needed:  Tile Saw / Flat lap or Wet Belt Sander / Sandblaster (Optional) / 


Description:  A short and to-the-point video for those who want to create beautiful drop out vessels that resemble blown glass.  This video is a must for your collection as Nathan teaches skills that are fundamental to all your future glass making.  This economical video class is informative and easy to follow.  Nathan will walk you through the EASY way to cut large circles out of glass and he graciously includes how to cut "rings" as well!  Finally!  You can not only use this technique in your drop out vessels but you can cut circular borders for your bowls and functional art!  You will learn volume calculation to create any size drop out as well as finishing the blank before firing. Most importantly, he will show how easy it is to remove that drop out rim with a tile saw using a diamond blade.  No fancy saws required...you probalby have one in your garage!  A handout and firing schedule are provided.  Yep, you read that right...he provides an EXACT firing schedule for the drop out...pretty rare. Nathan is easy to understand, thorough and full of tips and tricks along the way.  Check out his reviews from his classes.  You will not disappointed. 

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Drop Out Construction & Rim Removal w/ Nathan Sandberg - Full Version00:44:51

This video can be watched in your library by full version or chapter selection. Handouts and firing schedules can be downloaded and found in your library next to the "watch now" button.

1. Introduction00:01:08

2. Circle Cutting00:07:44

3. Ring Cutting (Circle Borders)00:07:45

4. Volume Calculation00:03:01

5. Shelf Loading00:05:52

6. Preparation00:04:49

7. Rim Removal00:13:02

8. Finishing00:01:18

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