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Using Powders with Intention: Textures and Imagery in Glass Online Video Tutorial w/ Warren Norgaard

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Warren Norgaard


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Warren Norgaard is a multi-discipline artist whose focus is in fused and cast glass. Working in the glass mediums since 1990, his work has been shown and collected internationally. His passion for glass has led him to focus his own work around the mandala, and the traditional way they have been created for centuries, developing a method for creating these intricate designs in glass. In 2015, Warren opened Milkweed Arts, a multi-disciplinary facility offering classes in stained glass, fused glass, silk-dyeing, wood turning, and metals, focusing on adult education. He also travels the country teaching his trademark "Mandala technique" at host studios around the US and Canada. Warren resides with his dogs -- Rex, Laverne, and Shirley – in Phoenix, Arizona, and his favorite film is The Princess Bride. As you wish!

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     Another amazing online video class brought to you by AAE & Warren Norgaard.  Using glass powders, Warren will guide you step by step through the ancient process, developed by Tibetan Monks, of creating "sand" mandalas in glass.   No cutting required for this fun & relaxing technique and all levels of glass artists are invited!  This technique will yield incredible results every time.  Warren will take you through the process using a traditional tool called the "Chak-pur" and additionaly, will demonstrate a more conventionalized tool, called the Powder Pro Plus (P3) to assist in your creations.  Designing your own mandala will be discussed but Warren has included SIX mandala patterns to get you started (included in your PDF handouts) for those who want to jump right in.  Even if mandalas are not your cup of tea, the process can be applied to any design and Warren will show you to create that design easily.  

In other chapters, applying variegated leafing to the back of your glass artwork will be demonstrated along with a beautiful way to mount those pieces onto air brushed aluminum panels.  These techniques can be executed on any of your glass work and are essential to your learning library.  This video is easy to follow and packed with information.  Available 24/7 and is yours forever to access.

Private Facebook Group: A private student group has been created on Facebook entitled: “AAE Glass & Warren Norgaard Student Group - Tibetan Mandalas in Glass” You can search the name and request entry or copy and past this link Please allow up to 72 hours for your request to be approved. If you are not approved in 72 hours, please e-mail with your name or order number.

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