Video Tutorial Masterclass - Kilncasting: Planting the Seed with Nathan Sandberg

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Running Time: 4 hours / 31 minutes
Skill Level: All
Kiln Size: Minimum recommended kiln chamber dimensions 10” x 10” x 8”
Equipment Needed: If any coldworking of the edges and/or corners is necessary a diamond hand pad will usually get the job done.

This might be the most thorough introduction to kilncast glass available from the comfort of your own studio. Watch and re-watch over four hours of content as Nathan Sandberg walks you through all of the steps necessary to create a truly special kilncast glass planter. Clay modelmaking, poured investment mold-making, volume calculation, firing schedules and finishing options are all discussed, demonstrated and can easily be applied to other, personalized projects. Kilncasting has an unfair reputation of being complex and messy. Extreme care was used to develop a lesson that proved otherwise.

What Glass Do You Need?

Together with Bullseye Glass Co, we have assembled a glass kit to create the project, The Green Tea Planter, featured in Nathan's video. This kit includes the billet needed for this project and Bullseye is making these kits to order. Due to production schedules, there are limited quantities available until the "next run." Kits will ship September 3rd (less than two weeks) so get your video now, order your kit now, source your other materials and be ready!

What Studio Supplies Do You Need?

We are thrilled to offer this video to the glass community and glass artists of all abilities. In addition to the Green Tea Glass kit, you will need some common, affordable household items that you may or may not have in your studio. None of them are costly and many can be found right in your garage we bet! Nathan provides a very thorough material list but we wanted to give you a heads up. All items can readily be found on the Internet (Nathan provides exact names) as well as your local Home Depot or Lowe's. You will need R & R Glass-Cast (pictured above) some modeling clay (Amazon) and other odds and ends such as, small plywood pieces, mold release (Amazon), screw driver, screws, shop towels, ruler, foam core (Home Depot), rolling pin and a few other items on the list provided after purchasing. None of these are expensive things but are necessary to cast glass in the manner Nathan demonstrates. Why not challenge yourself and take your glasswork to an entirely new level? Kilncasting is not only fun, but the possibilities are endless once you view this video and set up. This process can be done in a small space without creating a big mess. Just go for it.

Do I NEED a Sandblaster?

The keyword here is "need!" Although Nathan prefers to sandblast and seal his own kilncast planters, this is not mandatory by any means. Sandblasting is an artists' preference and non-sandblasted examples of the planters are shown as well.  Sandblasting and sealing services will be available through OnGrade Studio if desired:

How to Watch:

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Full Version04:31:07



Chapter 2: Materials

Model Making, part 100:18:00

Chapter 3: Model Making, part 1

Model Making, part 200:12:20

Chapter 4: Model Making, part 2

Model Making, part 301:06:51

Chapter 5: Model Making, part 3

Preparing the Model00:10:58

Chapter 6: Preparing the Model

Moldmaking, part 100:07:40

Chapter 7: Moldmaking, part 1

Moldmaking, part 200:14:13

Chapter 8: Moldmaking, part 2

Moldmaking, Part 300:12:34

Chapter 9: Moldmaking, part 3

Moldmaking, Part 400:13:23

Chapter 10: Moldmaking, part 4

Glass Calculation00:15:38

Chapter 11: Glass Calculation

Forms of Glass00:07:22

Chapter 12: Forms of Glass

Loading the Glass00:20:50

Chapter 13: Loading the Glass

Firing Schedule Talk00:27:11

Chapter 14: Firing Schedule Talk

The Finish Line!00:35:55

Chapter 15: The Finish Line!

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