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Lithograph & Watercolor In Glass Technique - Fused Glass Video Tutorial

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Tanya Veit


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Internet sensation Tanya Veit is a world renowned fused glass artist and instructor. Tanya owns and operates as well as the AAE Glass 2.0 Art Studio in Cape Coral, Florida. AAE Glass caters to glass artists around the world, of all abilities, with industry leading online education, products and customer service. AAE Glass is a distributor, wholesaler and retailer with many unique products and educational materials that can only be found at AAE Glass. Tanya was raised in an artistic and educational family, surrounded by many teachers. Her Mother and Grandmother instilled and nurtured Tanya's artistic passions and those passions live strong today. As a self-taught fused glass artist, Tanya has produced some of the most popular online video tutorials in the industry and is always releasing new content. She thrives on helping other glass artists learn new techniques and grow their glass art businesses. AAE glass is one of the largest Bullseye Kiln Glass Resource Centers in the world and works closely with Bullseye Glass to constantly provide popular glass, frit molds and more. Tanya was raised to use the best products and tools available to showcase her art to the best of her ability. AAE Glass reflects these beliefs and will continue to lead the industry for years to come.

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One firing, easy and creative. See AAE Facebook group where glass artists are selling these like hotcakes to their customers! A new and exciting fusing technique created by Tanya Veit. Creating a lithograph print in glass is something Tanya has always sought, she shares the results of her months of experimentation with you. Please note, all sales mentioned in this video have since expired. Firing schedules for Bullseye and System 96 users will be displayed at the END of the video in 2 segments. Simply pause your screen and write them down to keep. By purchasing this video, you will have access to this for life. IMPORTANT: AAE Glass does not give permission to share this video with anyone & if you are watching this video and have not paid for it, IP addresses are being recorded and the viewer will be held responsible. Thank you.















Lithograph & Watercolor In Glass Technique - Fused Glass Video Tutorial - Full Version00:47:09

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  1. Interesting technique review by Mary Lightner on 1/8/2019

    Some of the supplies for this tutorial were on sale so I decided to buy them try it. It was fun and I like the unusual effects you can create. It has a lot of possibilities and I look forward to branching out based on what I learned.

  2. Can't top this - even my husband can do it! review by Christine on 10/28/2018

    The lithograph technique is so awesomely easy and produces excellent results.
    I started by making four 15cm square plates and sold one at my very next market.
    I can't find a UK supplier for the particular stickers that Tanya uses in the video so I managed with what I could obtain from my local craft store.
    The firing schedule provided by Tanya works perfectly in my Profuser kiln and the paints come out so glossy and with a pleasing sheen.
    I use the painted piece of Tekta as the base for my plates, which nicely frames the Glassline paper and hides the Bullseye trade mark.
    I have even got my husband hooked.

  3. Return on investment is way more than what you are paying for! review by Sophie Lavoie on 10/14/2018

    This is an awesome video for people that are starting in fused glass. You can make pieces that have a professionnal look and can look complex to make but are in reality very essy to make and cheap to make. For exposition the ROI definitively there!!! the possibilities are endless not just for a plate! Have fun

  4. Highly recommend review by Amanda Buzek on 9/23/2018

    This video is excellent just like all of Tanya's videos are. Her enthusiasm is absolutely contagious and makes it so very easy to learn!

  5. another great easy project! review by Laurie on 9/20/2018

    Except for a little editing glitch the tutorial was well presented. I really love the outcome of this technique. I love Tanya enthusiasm!! One very important thing is, Tanya firing schedule worked great with my kiln. Recommended.

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