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Video Tutorial: The Art of the Pocket Vase: Oil Lamps & Powder Petals w/ Tanya Veit

  • The Art of the Pocket Vase Trailer The Art of the Pocket Vase Trailer
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Skill Level: Beginner



Kiln Size Needed:  9" x 9"  inside dimensions but projects can be scaled down to accommodate any size kiln
Equipment/Machinery Needed:  Grinder (optional)

Projects Made: 3 + bonus project

  Watch by chapter selection so you can pick and choose which project you want to create and review.  If you are a seller, this video tutorial will change your world!  Tanya has done it again and created fused glass oil lamps that can be created in most kilns with ZERO cold-working required.  Not even a grinder.  There are three full length projects including a stand up vase, which includes the technique to create powder flower petals, in such a unique way, and two glass oil lamps from start to finish.  Please review the extensive class handouts and firing schedules that are included with this video class.  They are very important to review. 

  Tanya will teach you to create beautiful powder sheets that can be used a floral petals in any glass project.  How to create a bendable, stand up vase without cold-working while outlining your flowers to create a stained glass look. She also provides tried and true firing schedules that have taken several firings to perfect.  Now, on to the oil lamps, 8" circular oil lamps are made (you can easily make square or rectangle forms) with the best circle cutter on the planet.  You will be shocked at how easy it is to cut circles with this tool!  Each oil lamp is made in minutes and the pocket created for the oil reservoir is the perfect size.  Tanya will reveal her source in the handout where she gets the perfect wick and tubing that fits exactly inside the pocket...and they cost about .75 cents each!  Months of trial and error went into this...this really is the perfect class as it is affordable and accessible to all glass fusers of all levels.   You will get a return on your investment of this video with just one oil lamp sale.  Get your supplies now because this is going to be epic.

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The Art of the Pocket Vase - Full Version02:17:20

This video can be watched in your library by full version or chapter selection. Handouts and firing schedules can be downloaded and found in your library next to the "watch now" button.

1. Tools & Safety00:03:02

2. Intro to Powder Petal Vase00:03:13

3. Creating the Powder Sheet00:13:31

4. Creating the Pocket00:05:29

5. Constructing the Vase00:16:36

6. Bonus: Collage Plate00:05:20

7. Outline the Flowers00:09:53

8. Slumping & Finishing00:03:50

9. Intro to Love Letter Oil Lamp00:12:52

10. Printing the First Layer00:09:32

11. Printing the Second Layer00:03:26

12. Adding Background Color00:13:26

13. Cutting a Perfect Circle00:10:25

14. The Fish Oil Lamp00:20:19

15. Lighting the Lamps00:04:44

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  1. Loved this process review by Diane Camerota on 9/18/2019

    Enjoyed making the oil lamps. Completed three so far for gifts. Tutorial was very informative and detailed.

  2. Love the floating wine bottle holders review by Linda m pledger on 9/7/2019

    The floating wine bottle holders are the only things I have done from this video so far and I love them. They are beautiful, different and fun to make. Looking forward to getting into the other projects as well

  3. Tanya"s class is so fun to watch, I learn something new every time I watch the vidieo review by Bonnie on 9/7/2019

    I have wanted to learn silk screening for a long time, and Tanya makes it fun and exciting.I I love the fact that I can watch the video any time I want. I am a visual learner and Tanya,s teaching style is so complete and easy to follow! I learn something new every time I watch it.

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