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Peter McGrain

Peter McGrain


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Award winning artist/designer Peter McGrain has been working with glass for over 40 years. During this time he has handled every type of project imaginable; ranging in scope from intimate experimental panels to large-scale architectural installations. In all it has been his attention to composition and technique that have made his imagery so successful. His work can be found in several public and private collections in both this country and abroad. In 1990 one of his creations was recognized at the World Glass Congress as the finest example of stained glass created during the entire deade of the 1980s. Peter is a contributing writer for GLASS ART and GLASS CRAFTSMAN magazines and frequently travels, offering visiting artist workshops. He currently maintains an independent studio in Florida where he creates his own personal work as well as commissions. As a renowned workshop leader he has encouraged countless students to develop their own styles using the techniques he teaches. His company, Peter McGrain Glass Painting, is dedicated to bringing glass painting supplies and educational support to the expanding art glass community. The Glass Press has published a comprehensive book titled Peter McGrain / Uncommon Stained Glass which features a full overview of this accomplished artist’s work. In 2014 he was awarded the prestigious Joseph Barnes Lifetime Achievement Award by the American Glass Guild, this country’s predominant Glass Art and Restoration Organization.


Kiln Size Needed:  Any 

Equipment/Machinery Needed:  None

No drawing skills required!  No Painting skills required! 

Create Beautiful pictures of anything you can possibly imagine on ordinary sheets of clear Glass!  It’s possible, with these amazing Glass Painting Techniques.  Painting on glass is by far the most effective way to express your ideas and add artistic style to your glass artwork. Whether you want to depict delicate landscapes or portraits, or outrageous abstract designs, learning the basics of traditional glass painting will enable you to achieve all the visual effects you’ve been dreaming of. 

 It’s just up to you decide what type of art you want to make! Glass painting can be used  on anything from window glass, stained glass windows and fused panels to jewelry, light fixtures, and even tableware.  In this action-packed tutorial , renowned artist and instructor, Peter McGrain, will show you  just how easy it can be to accomplish all of the genuine glass painting techniques.  Using simple tracing techniques, you will learn how to specially prepare and apply these paints to any glass surface .  He will show you how to effectively develop any type of image using painted linework, color, texture and shading, sgraffito & special effects.  All the finer points will also be discussed including the dechniques of tracing, matting, stippling, controlling hardness, application, alternatives, studio set-up, historical overview and more.  This tutorial is an absolute must for anybody who wants to take their glass artwork up a notch into a more exciting and visually stunning direction.  Handouts, firing schedules & THREE tracing templates included.

How to Watch:  Add this class to your cart and purchase as you would any other item.  Once purchased, your video will be available instantly for lifetime access and may be streamed in your video library.  If there are handouts associated with the video class, they will also be located in your library and ready for download.  You may watch the video by full length version or by chapter for easy reference.  View full screen by selecting the four-arrow icon at the bottom right of the video frame.You must be logged into your AAE account to purchase and watch your video.  There are no refunds on video classes and no exceptions to this policy.  Please e-mail customer service prior to purchasing if you have questions.  Thank you.


Creating Amazing Compositions on Glass w/ Kiln Fired Paints with Peter McGrain - Full Version04:26:32

This video can be watched in your library by full version or chapter selection. Handouts and firing schedules can be downloaded and found in your library next to the "watch now" button.

1. Introduction00:02:26

2. Examples & History00:04:35

3. Formal Approach00:04:29

4. Process Overview00:10:03

5. Workshop & Tools00:07:18

6. Materials Overview00:09:11

7. Tracing Paint Prep00:09:03

8. Tracing Demo00:13:15

9. Freehand Tracing00:11:51

10. Tracing w/ a Guide00:27:45

11. Matte Paint Prep00:08:01

12. Matte Paint Demo00:13:23

13. Color Fields00:17:55

14. Shading Mattes00:15:52

15. Hardness Demo00:06:08

16. Shading the Portrait00:16:29

17. Additional Effects00:27:02

18. Examples of Great Work00:06:23

19. Silver Staining00:22:19

20. Silver Stain Tips00:04:17

21. Silver Stain Beauty Shots00:03:18

22. Enamel Discussion00:04:54

23. Enamels00:18:39

24. Conclusion00:01:56

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