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Dichro-Cakes: Concentric Circle Jewelry w/ Kate MacLeod - Online Video Tutorial - Watch Now

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Online Jewelry Tutorial
w/ Kate MacLeod

Skill Level: Intermediate

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Running Time: 1 Hour 37 min. Introducing the next sensation in Dichroic Jewelry! Kate MacLeod will lead you through creating amazing jewelry pieces that are… wait for it… kiln formed concentric circles! Seriously? That can be done in a kiln? Here-to-fore reserved for glass blowers and torch workers, the layering of color, and not only color, but Dichroic color, in concentric circles is perfected, explained, and made simple. The handouts alone are worth a gold mine as Kate throughly explains the properties of dichroic glass with diagrams, charts and color properties. Not only that, Kate has perfected the use of Dichroic scrap! Make the most out of every square centimeter of your Dichro. This is the next big seller in Dichroic jewelry. Whether you simply tether it as a pendant, wire wrap it, or use a stunning bracelet finding, the glass process will take your work to the next level. Kate’s formulae are included in the extensive PDF’s as dichroic-cake stack charts, along with firing schedules, and a comprehensive explanation of the CBS Dichroic color bar. Are you ready to take the next step into Dichroic Jewelry? This is it, no if’s, and’s, or but’s.

This process does require a tile saw or good ring saw. A red Taurus saw will work with a super slicer blade. A kiln with at least a 6" shelf is required. Pieces are flat so a deep kiln is not required. All other processes are completed with your basic studio essentials.

How It's Done: Add this class to your cart and purchase as you would any other item. Once purchased, go to "My Dashboard." On the left hand side of your dashboard, there is a "My Videos" link. All PDF handouts may be downloaded into your computers and can be found on that same page under My PDFs and E-books." Select that and watch this online class as many times as you wish. It never expires and it will always be there! You may watch full screen by selecting the icon in the bottom right hand corner of the video screen. Chapters have also been installed for you to reference key points throughout your class so you can jump right to the lesson you desire to watch. You may also use your Education Coins earned on prior AAE Glass purchases (found in your account) to reduce the price of the class by using the slide bar on the product video page or if you have enough coins, do not pay a dollar! You must be logged into your AAE account to purchase and watch your video. Watch this instructional video HERE on how the Education Coin program works.  *NO REFUNDS FOR ONLINE VIDEO CLASSES*

Chapters: I.Planning Your Piece

II. Cutting Dichroic Circles

III. Creating & Sorting Dichroic Frit

IV. Preparing the Molds

V. The Dichro-Cake: Recipe I

VI. The Dichro-Cake: Recipe II

VII. The Dichro-Cake: Recipe III

VIII. The Dichro-Cake: Recipe IV

IX. Slice the Cake

See PDF Handouts
E-Z Lens Circle Cutter or comparible Grozers Frit Tweezers Tile Saw or Ring Saw

  1. Interesting technique. A lot of information and time spent with examples. review by Shannon on 12/21/2017

    I'm not a jewelry making person but just had to see how those circles were done. It's an interesting video with plenty of time spent on each step.

  2. I can’t even speak! review by Judy on 12/10/2017

    I watch this video, taking no notes. The whole time, I’m wondering if I would be missed on Christmas Day while I was playing with my newest materials and making these beautiful, organic pieces. They are delicate and danzling and oh so awesome. I cannot wait this get started on them. Little steps at a time. First, off to cut some circles!

  3. Amazing Technique review by Wild Child on 12/9/2017

    Well done, AAE and Kate! There are so many possibilities for this technique besides jewelry, but I will begin with a few pieces for my picky self. Can't wait to get my supplies. Loved the diversity of each piece. Another sleepless night spent dreaming about new projects. Thanks so much for making it so easy and affordable to learn new tricks.

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