E-Book Introduction to Kilnformed Glass Powders by Bob Leatherbarrow


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Bob Leatherbarrow

Bob Leatherbarrow


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Bob Leatherbarrow established Leatherbarrow Glass Studio in 1988 and has created original kilnformed glass ever since. Known for his innovative styles, techniques, and designs, Bob has taken an experimental approach to developing unique textures and colour palettes using glass powders. His glass bowls and sculptures explore the subtle hues and delicate beauty of naturally occurring textures and encourage the viewer to ponder their origin. In 2008 Bob moved to Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, where he continues to make glass art and write e-books on his signature techniques. Bob has also been a popular instructor on both the national and international kilnformed glass scenes and has recently shared many of his techniques through the comprehensive AAE video class program.


Basic Crackle Texture, Micro and Backed Wafers

by Bob Leatherbarrow

This technical guide, based on workshops taught over the past decade, provides the foundation for creating:

  • crackle texture
  • two versions of powder wafers (micro and backed wafers)

If you are interested in working with texture and design components using kilnformed glass powder, this is the book for you!


  • 87 pages of clearly documented step-by-step instructions for creating crackle texture, and micro and backed wafers
  • 78 quality images to illustrate the step-by-step instructions
  • detailed explanations of important but subtle details, e.g., how the water/powder ratio affects crackle texture quality,  how powder layer thickness affects crackle texture size, and how powder layering sequence affects the crackle texture colour
  • firing schedules and the logic behind their development (in both °Celsius and °Fahrenheit)
  • guidelines for finishing and slumping projects into gallery quality pieces
  • a gallery of finished artwork, with accompanying stories, to illustrate a range of applications for the techniques described in this book

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