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Fireworks Quick Light Torch


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Beadmaking Torch



Whether you’re making oval, round, conical, cylinder, dotted, spiral or any other fun bead, the new revolutionary Quick-light torch will make it happen with ease. 
This torch has a pencil point burner that makes detailing a breeze and an anti-clog feature which eliminates fuel flow interruptions. The simple push button ignition has an easy dial valve assembly for custom flame control while the new 4 point oxygen intake provides for truer, more vibrant bead color. 
Great for flameworkers of any level, from beginners to the more experienced. Attaches easily to disposable MAP/PRO gas canisters (not included) which can be purchased at any home improvement store.

  • Improved burner with pencil point flame makes detailing a breeze.
  • Internal anti-clog feature allows for uninterrupted gas flow.
  • Four point oxygen intake creates truer, more vibrant colors.
  • Simple push button ignition, no matches or flint lighter needed.
  • Easy dial valve assembly for custom flame control.

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