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Glass Meets Metal Video Tutorial - Part Deux


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This video is Part 2 to the Metal Mania technique using the Glue N' Screw settings.  This video is free and can be watched here. It is a good idea to review this video before watching the second part. Time to expand your skills and merge metal with your fused glass creations.   No metalsmithing or expensive tools or workspace is required.  Finally, a way to put the pieces together easily and effortlessly.  Using Patina Paints, texture stamps and water proof ink, Tanya demonstrates how to create beautiful and quality designed metal bracelets.  This video is 90 minutes long.  Free dichroic recipes can also be found on the BLOG to assist in you in design. 

Crisp Fire Polish Schedule for Cabochons
Bullseye & S96
Note:  This schedule is a good starting point.  You may have to adjust top temp and hold time for your kiln.

Ramp Rate (F) Target Temperature (F) Hold Time (Min.)
400 1000 20
600 1280 20-28
9999 or Full 900 (B) or 950 (S96) 90


Ramp Rate (C)

Target Temperature (C) Hold Time (Min.)
204 538 20
316 693 20-28
5537 or Full 482 (B) or 510 90







Free Dichroic Recipes can found on BLOG 



Jewelry Flush Cutters


35mm Drill Bit (If using a drill press)


  1. Awsome review by Clois on 9/7/2016

    A very easy instructional video to watch. Tanya brings a wealth of information in these videos. I only wish I had access to them a few years ago.

  2. Love review by Beth on 9/2/2016

    Absolutely love this technique!!! Tanya is a genius!

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