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Gold Satin Shimmers Dichroic Coated Enamel Decal Sheet Black Backed 4 1/2


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Gold Mica Sheet



Lead free enamel backed mica decal sheet with dichroic coating. Produces a beatuiful satin sheen similar to metal. Apply to smooth surfaces and can be used on ceramic or glass. The micas will not fuse to each other when overlapped. Clean the smooth glass or ceramic surface with soap and water. Dry with a lint free cloth or paper towel. Use decorative sissors, paper punches, or razor knives to cut the desired shape for your project. Soak the decal in a bowl of distilled water until it easily slides off of the paper backing. Note:Leaving the decal in the water for an extended period of time results in the decal "soaking off" of the paper backing. Moisten the area with water and gently lift the decal out of the water and place on your project. Use a paper towel to blot excess water from the decal. Gently use a middle to outward motion to roll to remove any bubbles that may be traped between the decal and the project. Ensure decal is fully and completely adhered to the glass. Note: MOISTURE MUST BE REMOVED BEFORE FIRING! OVERNIGHT DRYING IS RECOMMENDED. Firing Instructions: Place project on a prepared kiln shelf. Leave the kiln lid slightly ajar and the peepholes open until the kiln reaches a temperature of 1100-1200 degrees Fahrenheit. Note: Binders must be burned off in a well-ventilated area. Close peepholes and kiln lid. Continue firing to 1250 - 1450 degrees Fahrenheit and hold for 10 - 20 minutes. After firing, brush or lightly wash off any excess mica under the faucet to enhance the metalic sheen and luster. Manufactured by ProFusion


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