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Impression Wafers: Printing with Powders Online Video Tutorial with Bob Leatherbarrow • Watch Now

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Bob Leatherbarrow


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Bob Leatherbarrow established Leatherbarrow Glass Studio in 1988 and has created original kilnformed glass ever since. Known for his innovative styles, techniques, and designs, Bob has taken an experimental approach to developing unique textures and colour palettes using glass powders. His glass bowls and sculptures explore the subtle hues and delicate beauty of naturally occurring textures and encourage the viewer to ponder their origin. In 2008 Bob moved to Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, where he continues to make glass art and write e-books on his signature techniques. Bob has also been a popular instructor on both the national and international kilnformed glass scenes and has recently shared many of his techniques through the comprehensive AAE video class program.

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The AAE video,  “Impression Wafers: Printing with Powders” featuring Bob Leatherbarrow, demonstrates a simple, new process for making thin, detailed design elements in powder. A type of powder wafer, these are perfect for using as design components in projects. For artists interested in printing techniques for kilnformed processes, impression wafers are a great addition to your repertoire. 


There are two steps to creating impression wafers: making the design and applying colours. In Step 1, you will learn how to create and shape an embossed pattern using existing texture mats or your own pattern on a flexible mat. In Step 2 you will learn to hand colour the wafer using glass powders, enamels, micas or other surface treatments so that each piece is unique.

The video outlines easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions and firing schedules for creating a range of effects and for firing completed wafers onto glass sheets to ensure crisp outlines in a project. As an added bonus, instructions are given for making a gallery quality sushi dish that incorporates one of your completed impression wafers.

Take your printing with powders to a whole new level!


Private Facebook Group: A private student group has been created on Facebook entitled: “AAE Glass & Bob Leatherbarrow Student Group - Impression Wafers” You can search the name and request entry or copy and past this link Please allow up to 72 hours for your request to be approved. If you are not approved in 72 hours, please e-mail with your name or order number.


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Impression Wafers: Printing with Powders - Full Version02:05:01

This video can be watched in your library by full version or chapter selection. Handouts and firing schedules can be downloaded and found in your library next to the "watch now" button.

1. Intro & Texture Mat Introduction00:14:11

2. Coldworking the Wafer00:03:36

3. Adding Color to the Wafer00:07:38

4. Tack Fusing the Wafer to Glass00:02:17

5. Impression Wafers from Linocut Blocks: Preparing the Image00:04:34

6. Carving the Linocut Image00:05:51

7. Embossing Linocut Pattern onto Powder00:02:49

8. Carving the Wafer00:15:51

9. Fish Project: First Color Application00:06:34

10. Fish Project: 2nd Color Application00:06:08

11. Firing Variations00:03:25

12. Glass-Glo, Mica & Enamels00:03:15

13. Color Discussion00:09:58

14. Tack Fusing Wafer to Sheet Glass and Sandblasting Excess Powder00:07:13

15. Sgrafitto00:04:42

16. Sushi Dish Construction00:11:04

17. Slumping into Thin Air00:03:52

18. Sushi Dish Feet00:04:29

19. Quick Step Review00:07:09

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  1. Great addition to Bob's first video review by Judy Tobacco on 9/18/2019

    Excellent product to expand your knowledge from Bob's first video! Bob is a master teacher who combines excellent instructions with thoughtful progressions and projects. Easy to follow. Very unique techniques that will help glass artists expand their product lines and skill base. Love the wafers!

  2. Great technique! review by Cindy on 9/8/2019

    I really enjoyed this class! The instruction was well-presented and very inspiring. Another technique to add to my "tool box."

  3. The icing on the cake review by Lindsay Blankenship on 1/13/2019

    This video is like the cherry on top of the ice cream sundae that is Bob’s crackle technique! I know there are many ways to achieve beautiful results in glass art, but Bob has a teaching style that makes playing with powders easy and fun. I enjoyed watching this video (as well as his crackle technique video) and I highly recommend it.

  4. Good review by Malu on 1/13/2019

    The information is great, you learn a lot is very organize, but is voice tone is so flat that make the video long that you have to see the video in two or three parts to rest or you lose interest.

  5. Just what I wanted review by Gail Bunt on 1/11/2019

    Another neat way to use powder for wafers. I don't think this particular technique is in any of his books. It's fun to do and doesn't require a lot of space or materials. Bob tells absolutely all you need to know to succeed. Great video!.

  6. Fab Technique review by Traci on 1/9/2019

    Been waiting for this video release! So pretty and easy to follow instructions!

  7. A ha moment review by Lisa on 1/8/2019

    If you want to take the powder wafer to the next level this is the next step!

  8. Very interesting!! Definitely going to try this out... like tomorrow! review by Shannon Mabry on 12/14/2018

    This was not what I imagined the course to be … yes, I do sometimes take chances with my education dollars :-) Worth every penny. I've created something similar to this before but do it differently and the way I do it results in a flat wafer where as Bob's technique results in a 3d piece which is a definite advantage in the painting stages. The fact that I live on a lake and will happily go for days making fused glass pieces with fish made his sample subject all the better but there's no limit to what a person could do with this method.

    I appreciate a teacher who will show you what happens when you do something wrong as it will either save me from doing the wrong thing or it will help me diagnose the issue when it happens despite my best intentions. Bob does that through an example that he works for a few minutes, showing the characteristics to watch out for.

    He also shows a neat slumping method towards the end.

    Well done!

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