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New! Champagne Moon and Stars Mica Illusion Transfers


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3" x 3" Mica Sheet



New and exclusively at AAE glass! Mica Illusion transfers are actual mica in a decal form that leave a beautiful and perfect satin metallic design on your glass. Sheets are 3"x3" square. These are high fire and can be fired between 1250 and 1300F. Please watch the short video thumbnail associated with this product to see how to use. After firing, you will not see the design until you wash away the excess Mica that is left on top. All designs available in silver, gold and rose champagne. Mica illusion transfers must go on your pre fired glass. Can be used on any COE of glass. Always use distilled or bottled water with any decal products. *PLEASE READ before firing your fist mica transfer: It is important to fire at the lowest temperature possible with these mica transfers. The mica part of the design is actually backed with enamel so it adheres to the glass (this is why the back of the transfer is black.) If you fire the transfer too hot, the mica will adhere too much to the glass in the "negative" areas because the glass is softening. This is not what you want. You want the negative areas to wash away and leave your glass color behind (see picture examples of fired tiles.) We find dark colors are best for a base to offer a beautiful contrast but any color can be used. After firing, rinse the glass throughly so the excess mica washes away. There will be the slightest mica residue after washing but this gives a soft, sandblast appearance that is quite beautiful. As always, test the product first on a small piece of glass and start at the lowest suggested temp of 1250 degrees. * DECORATIVE PURPOSES ONLY. NOT FOR FOOD-BEARING SURFACES.

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