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NEW! Extreme Fused Glass Jewelry VOLUME 5 DVD Frit & Flow - An Organic Experience



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Short Description:
DVD Volume 5
Tanya Veit
*Supply List Is Below*

Skill Level: No


This is volume #5 in Tanya Veit's Extreme Fused Glass Jewelry DVD set.

Tanya focuses on the organic and flow of using glass frit, vitrograph & reactive glasses.
Wait until you see the "glass box."  This has never been taught in any of her classes or DVDs until now!
Moving away from dichroic glass and entering a new look, you will love the simplicity of the techniques and the results will yeild professional, gallery worthy designs.**PLEASE NOTE: There are no returns or refunds on DVDs.

  A supply list has been provided below with the exact colors that Tanya has used in this video for Bullseye & System 96 users.
Do you need ALL the colors of frit on this list? No! You generally need fine frit.  The Vitroprah Kiln is an OPTIONAL item and NOT needed to do the technique.  It is actually a "bonus instruction" on the DVD and not mandatory.





Bullseye Product


System 96 Product


Tekta Sheet Glass SKU: 001100-0380


Icicle Clear Glass  SKU: 100SF-ICE


Clear Thin Glass   SKU: 001101-0050


Thin Clear Glass     SKU: 61-00-96


Glastac Blue Gel SKU: 008268-EACH


Glastac Blue Gel SKU: 008268-EACH


Gold Lustre SKU: GL-000


Gold Lustre SKU: GL-000


Palladium Lustre SKU: PL-000


Palladium Lustre SKU: PL-000


Pure Silver Foil SKU: 165021


Pure Silver Foil SKU: 165021


Awesome Frit Scooper SKU: BEP07


Awesome Frit Scooper SKU: BEP07


Lt. Aquamarine Frit Fine, Medium & Coarse  SKU: 001408


Carribean Blue Frit Fine, Medium & Coarse

SKU: 532-1SF


French Vanilla Frit Fine & Coarse SKU: 000137


Vanilla Cream Frit Fine & Coarse SKU: 210-73SF


Dense White Frit Fine & Coarse SKU: 000313


Turns Pink SKU: 103-96


Marigold  Opal Fine Frit SKU: 000320


Marigold Opal Fine Frit SKU: 355-96


Spring Green Opal Fine Frit SKU: 000126


Amazon Green Opal Fine Frit SKU: 2264-96


Woodland Brown Opal Fine Frit SKU: 000203


Chestnut Opal Fine Frit SKU: 2114-96


Pumpkin Orange Opal Fine Frit SKU: 000321


Persimmon Opal Fine Frit SKU: 271-71-SF


Pimento Red Opal Fine Frit SKU: 000225


Flame Red Opal Fine Frit SKU: 602-96


Neo-Lavendar Shift Fine Medium & Coarse Frit 

SKU: 001842


Pale Purple Medium Frit SKU: 1408-96


Green Tea Tint Medium & Coarse Frit


Ming Green Medium & Coarse Frit

SKU: 774-96


White DecoColor Paint Marker SKU: Deco-01


White DecoColor Paint Marker SKU: Deco-01


Luster Pen SKU: SKU: 4982FWP


Luster Pen SKU: SKU: 4982FWP


Tile Nippers SKU: 20571


Tile Nippers SKU: 20571


Jewelry Shaping Templates


Jewelry Shaping Templates


Olympic Vitrigraph Kiln SKU: Vitri-O


Olympic Vitirgraph Kiln SKU: Vitri-O

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Skilllevel No
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End Date No
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  1. Awesome video, awesome technique, awesome teacher! review by Reba on 1/8/2016

    I have worked in the industry for 20+ years and have even worked for a local artist who taught seminars and classes as well. It was tough to follow some of the directions of this artist because she would go so fast and then make you feel like you should just understand whenever you asked a question.
    I have to say, I am SO glad that I found Tanya! Her knowledge is endless and her directions are simple and easy to follow. After watching this video I made several tiles and ordered even MORE frit than I will ever need!
    The price of the video is an extreme deal and you can even go back to watch it again if you forget something.
    Thank you, Tanya and thank you, AAE Glass. I will be ordering there regularly from now on. I hope to make it out to Florida someday and to take a class with you!

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